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Friday, November 26, 2004

We polled 1,000 college girls to find out what happens
behind dorm doors.

** Have you ever done it when a roommate was still
in your room?
69% said YES.

** What's the oldest guy you've ever hooked up with?
Top answer: Mid-to Late 20's.

** What's the biggest one you've seen?
Top answer: a Six or Seven incher.

** Ever given or received road head?
73% say YES.

** What's your favourite position?
Top answer: Girl on Top, Guy Below.

** Have you ever tried anal?
58% say YES.

** How do you wear your hair down there?
Top answer: Bare.

** Have you ever had a threesome?
46% say YES.

** Do you have a vibrator?
56% say YES.

** Do you like to talk dirty in bed?
76% say YES.

** Have you ever hooked up a girl?
52% say YES.

** Have you ever gone bareback on a one night stand?
42% say YES.

** Have you ever let a guy finish on you?
83% say YES.

** Where would you not want a guy to finish on you?
Top answer: FACE

** How many guys have you had sex with in college?
Top answer: Two or Three.

** What is the quickest way to turn you on?
Top answer: "Make the first move and show me what you've got".

** How can a guy persuade you to try something nasty in bed?
Top answer: "Ask me while we're in the sack".
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