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Saturday, November 05, 2005
A continent's numbers tell its story.

**Percent of world's total landmass: 20 percent

** Population : 900 millinon. 14 percent of world total.


** Annual rate of growth in Africa's urban population: 3.5 perdent a year.

** Most populous city: Lagos, Nigeria, wtih 16.9 million people.

** Number of Refugees: 15 million -- 3.3 million who have fled their native countries because of conflict, some 12 million who are internally displaced.

** Number of spoken Languages: Over 2,000

** Number of Muslims: 358 million

** Number of Christians: 410 million

** Number of democratic governments: 19 of a total of 53 nations.

Percent of Population Dependent on Agriculture for a Living: 66 percent

** Average income: 50 percent of Africans live on less than $1 a day.

** Richest Nation: Mauritius, with a per capita GDP of $12,800.

** Poorest nations: Burundi, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Somalia all have per capita GDPs of $600

** Number of heavily indebted poor countries: 32 of the 38 nations worldwide classified as such by IMF-World Bank.

** Percent of population with access to improved drinking water: Sub-Saharan Africa-82 urban, 45 rural; North Africa 96 urban,84 rural.

** Number of Firearms in sub-saharan Africa: 30 million

** Infant mortality rates (birth to one year old): 102 of 1,000 in sub Saharan Africa; 33 of 1,000 in North Africa.

** Average life expectancy: 46 in sub-saharan Africa; 67 in North Africa.

Most Common Cause of Death: AIDS

** Literacy rates (15 years abd older): 60 percent

** Most Iliterate country: Seychilles, with a 92 perdent literacy rate.

** Least Literate: Burkina Faso, with a 12.8 percent rate.

(Source: National Geographic Magazine/Charles E. Cobb Jr.)

** Number of people worldwide with HIV: 40 million; number in sub-Saharan Africa: 26 million.

** Percent of HIV positive people ages 15 to 49 worldwide: 1.1 percent; percent in sub-Saharan Africa; 8 percent

** Number of people in Sub-Saharan Africa contracting HIV daily: 8,500; number dying of AIDS daily; 6,300.

** Number of children under 18 orphaned by AIDS worldwide (as 2003): 15 million, number in sub-Saharan Africa; 12.3 million.

** Number of HIV positive South Africans: 5.3 million, more than any other country in the world.

** Percent of pregnant women in South Africa who tested poitive for HIV in 2004: 27.8 percent.

** Number of South Africans needing ARV drugs to prevent progression of the illness and death: 983,000; number receiving medication: 117,000

** Annual cost of three drug generic ARV regimen per patient in Lusikiski: about$650; cost per patient for ARV drugs in teh U.S.; $10,000 to $15,000

(Source: National Geographic Magazine/ go to ngn.com/africa)

** South Africa's share to the world gold production in 1980: 55 percent.

** South Africa's share of world gold production in 2003: 14.4 percent (though it is still the top producer).

** Reduction in South Africa's entire gold mining workforce since 1990: 60 percent .

** Total South African gold production in 2004: 342 tons (lowest since 1931)

** Total fatalities of gold miners in South Africa in 2004: 149.

** Number of African landline phones: 25 million in 2003.

** Number of African cell phone subscribers: 52 million in 2003.

** Number of peronal computers in sub-Saharan Africa: 12 per thousand people in 2003.

** Africans with direct access to reliable sources of electricity:
Fewer than 1 in 5 -- in some rural areas, fewer than 1 in 50.

** Most common African bush meat: Antelope.

** Animals most at risks: Primates, elephants and hippos.

** Money hunter can earn each year: $400 to $1,100.

** Diseases linked to bush meat: Ebola, HIV/AIDS.

** Western cities with significant bush-meat markets: London, Paris, Toronto, New York, Washington DC.

(For more information: bushmeat.org)
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