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Friday, November 04, 2005
Who are the dead of Operation Iraqi Freedom? How did they die? Like the rest of America, they are a diverse group. A numerical portrait of U.S. military members who have died so far in the war in Iraq:

*** 1,846 Number who died since major combat ended April 30,2003.

*** 93 Percent who died since major combat ended.

*** 137 Number lost in November 2004, the month with the most deaths.

*** 68 Percent of the dead who were in the Army.

*** 1 Percent in the Air Force.

*** 25 Percent in the National Huard or Reserves.

*** 53 Percent who died in three Iraqi provinces with mostly Sunni Muslims, the branch of Islam to which Saddam Hussein belongs.

*** 23 Percent who died outside the action.

*** 12 Percent who died in accidents on land.

*** 9 Numbner who died of illness.

*** 4 Number of friendly fire deaths confirmed by the Department of Defense.

*** 10 Percent who were officers.

*** 30 Number older than 45 years.

*** 20 Number who wee 18.

*** 44 Number of women.

*** 2 Percent who were women.

*** 11 Percent who were Hispanic.

*** 25 Percent who belonged to a minority group.

The numbers are based on counts by the Department of Defense and Associated Press. Most items are based on 1,985 deaths tallied by the Department of Defense as of Oct.25. The AP's count, which includes deaths reported by the news staff in Iraq, has been consistently somewhat ahead of the department's. The percentages for minority were last updated Oct. 15.

(Source: Associated Press/Jeff Donn/CHISUNTIMES)
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