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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Just returned back for a weekend in Las Vegas and learned some more info. Everytime I go and visit Las Vegas, I learned more bits of info.

Three Bits of Vegas Trivia:

*** OK, deep breaths.
There is a strange rumor out thee that casinos pump pure oxygen into the gaming areas to make gamblers more alert (and forgo sleep) or giddier (so they dont' mind losing at the tables). Rest assured, this rumor is nothing but a bunch of hot air.

*** Your bill, sir.
For most hotel guests, check-out time comes before noon on Sunday. Eccentric tycoon Howard Hughes proved the exception. He stayed at the Desert Inn so long, that he was eventually asked to leave. His response? He bought the hotel, kit and caboodle, and by 1976 he owned six more Vegas icons.

*** Better make reservations.
The MGM Grand is the nation's largest hotel with more than 5,000 rooms.It's so big, it would take a person almost 14 years to spend a night in every one of its rooms.

Four Very Vegas Tunes:

1). Your Love is Like Las Vegas. (The Thrills)

2). Viva Las Vegas. (Elvis Presley)

3). Leaving Las Vegas. (Sheryl Crow)

4). Here's to Las Vegas. (Barry Manilow)

(Source: Ted's List/UAL)
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