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Friday, October 28, 2005
Here are some examples of Informal English, Puncture Ladies, Egg Harbors, Mississippi Marbles and Other Curious Words and Phrases of North America still being spoken and used:

** Columbia Leprosy - A euphemism for some disease, probably syphilis. (Scargill, Canada)

** Colluvies - A collection of filth; excrement. (Worcester)

** Brick in the Hat - A drunken man is said to have a brick in the hat, the allusion being to top-heaviness and inability to preserve a steady gait. (new England)

** Break the Road - The person breaks the road who is first to pass over the road after a snowstorm. (Nebraska)

** Breeze of Luck - A period of prosperity, good luck. (Craigie)

** Berdache - From the evidence available, the word means hermaphrodite when applied to animals, but homosexual when applied to man. Coward (Mississippi Valley)

**Betting the Eyes - A term used by gamblers when a "sucker" looks on at a game but does not bet. (Matsell)

** BIg Dog of the Tanyard - The name often given to an overbearing person who will allow no one else to speak or differ from his views. (Schele de Vere)

** Biggity - Consequential; giving oneself airs (a Negro term)

** Blacberry Baby - An illegitimate child. (Northwestern Arkansas)

** Anxious Mourner, Anxious Bench - Persons who are peculiarly excited to a consciousness fo their sinfulness and the necessity of seeking salvation. (Southern Indiana)

** Apple-palsy - Plain drunk, caused by too much drinking. (Burlington, County, New Jersey)

** Easter Before Lent - This was an expression used by the Creole folk to indicate that a baby had been born too soon after the wedding. (Louisiana)

** Fence-corner Peach - Any good-lloning country girl may be called a fence-corner peach, but the term often implies a low-class family background or questionable paternity. (Randolph and Wilson)

** Fill one's shirt - To eat heartily. (Southwestern Eisconsin)

** Fine as a frog hair - Extra fine. (Arkansas)

** Feel pale - A humorous way to say someone is sick.

** Fiddle-faced - Sorrowful, sad; gloomy. (Weseen)

** Gossling Patch - The period in which a boy's voice is changing. (Western)

** Got a Mash on - In love with, (North Carolina)

** Grab-gutted - Greedy, selfish (Sourthern Illinois)

** Granny grunts - Stomach aches (Eastern Alabama)

** Gravels for my Goose - A man in search for sexual satisfaction. (Randolph and Wilson)

** Mizzy - A negro expression for stomach aches .(Louisiana)

** Mockbeggar - A house that looks well but gives no hospitality (New foundland)

** Moose Face - A rich, ugly faced man. (Matsell)

** Red in the comb - When a mountain man says of a woman that "her comb is red", he means that she is in a state of sexual excitement. (Southeastern Missouri)

** Skeezix - A man not to be trusted (Philadelphia)

** Slangander - To slander in a silly manner.(Barrer)

** Tetnit - A child born of elderly parents. (New Hampshire)

** Talk Iron - To talk low and indistinctly. (Cape Cod)

(Source: Informal English by: Jeffrey Kacirk)
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