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Thursday, November 03, 2005
One child dies of malaria in africa every 29 seconds.

One person is infected with HIV every 6.4 seconds.

Someone in the world dies of TB every 18 seconds.

One pregnant woman dies of complications every 60 seconds.

Where you live and how you die.

In much of the world, heart disease is cause of death. But in parts of the developng world particularly Africa, Infectious Disease claim more lives. The top causes of death by region:

United States.
Heart disease 28.5 percent.
Cancer 22.8 percent.
Stroke 6.7 percent.
Respiratory disease 5.9 percent.
Accidents 4.5 percent.

The Ameericas
Heart Disease 15.3 percent.
Stroke 7.6 percent.
Diabetes 4.2 percent.
Pulmunary disease 4.0 percent.
Throat, lung cancer 3.9 percent.

Heart disease 24.7 percent.
Stroke 15.1 percent.
Throat, lung cancer 3.8 percent
Respiratory Infections 2.8 percent.
Pulmonary disease 2.7 percent.

South and East Asia
Heart Disease 13.9 percent
Respiratory infections 9.4 percent.
Stroke 7.2 percent.
Perinatal conditions 6.9 percent.
Tuberculosis 4.7 percent.

Middle East
Heart disease 12.9 percent.
Respiratory infections 8.6 percent.
Perinatal conditions 7.3 percent.
Diarrheal diseases 6.9 percent.
Stroke 5.9 percent.

China and the Pacific Rim
Stroke 16.4 percent.
Pulmonary disease 11.5 percent.
Heart disease 8.3 percent.
Stomach cancer 4.2 percent.
Respiratory infections 4.1 percent.

HIV/AIDS 20.4 percent.
Malaria 10.1 percent
Respiratory infections 9.8 percent.
Diarrheal diseases 8.5 percent.
Perinatal conditions 5.1 percent.

(Source: GSK/GlaxoSmithKline report and TIMEMAG)
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