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Saturday, June 05, 2004
Move over, four leaf clovers! These chic talismans have real charm.

Many people have long believed in the ability of stones--- prescious, semiprecious or otherwise -- to promote states of well-being, health, wealth and the like. Today this tradition pf trapping into Mother Nature's energy is carried on by some of the biggest stars around, who opt for accessories that promise to yield more than just compliments. Here are the necklaces they hope will rock their world.

for Fertility and Abundance is wearing a white gold necklace with paved diamonds is said to attract hope, optimism and abundance. (cost $3,000.00 call 212-334-9588 Feng Shui)

ADRIAN BRODY for Hope is wearing Hematite, reputed to promote clarity, is combined with jasper for health and security ($60, call 866-674-4367 Energy Muse)

BRITNEY SPEARS for Love is wearing a Rose Quartz with a silver chinese double happiness symbol is said to attract luck in relationships and marriage.($90. 866-674-4367 Energy Muse)

AMY SMART for Truth is wearing a green and pink tourmalines are believed to open the heart so it fan radiate love. ($300.00 Energy Muse)

JENNIFER GARNER for Creativity is wearing white gold and diamond, an oval shape is said to excite the imagination ($3,000. Feng Shui)

NAOMI WATTS for Self Expression is wearing a carmelian and turqouise are believed to improve
eloquence and articulation.($100. energy Muse)

KATE HUDSON for Fate is wearing a Quan Yin quarts pendant with moonstone si for clarity, confidence and fertility ($150.00 Energy Muse)

CARRIE ANNE MOSS for Baby Luck wears a pink coral and mother of pearl might bring luck to a new born ($129 Moss Mills 323-864-3650)

STING for Mind Power wears a Azurite is said to cleanse body and mind; an ancient coin is for good fortune ($120 Energy Muse)

(abstracted from Alysia Rafal write ups in STYLE 2004)
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