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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Answer True or False to the follwoing questions:

T OR F / 1. If i am gettingless thatn i need from _______ (name the spouse/significant other), it's reasonale for me to expect him/her to sacrifice his / her happiness for my fulfilment.

T OR F / 2. Romantic relationships require a certain amount of give and take, but i give to ________ should be worth what i take . In other words, i should be able to get out of this relationship what i put into it.

T OR F / 3. If we are right for each other ________ will not want to change.

T OR F / 4. I will be in an exclusive relationship sith _____ for life.

T OR F / 5 I am willing to sacrifice my happiness once in a while to satisfy________ if he/she is willing to sacrifice his/her happiness once in a while to satisfy me.

T OR F / 6. I should do for _______ only whatever comes naturally to me.

T OR F / 7. Our romatic relationship is fatally flawed if _____ does not accept me as i am.

T OR F / 8. The goal of my romantic relationship with _____ is for us both to be happy and fulfilled with each other. For that reason, we must both learn to do everything with each other's interests and feeling in mind.

T OR F / 9. If _____ expects me to do something in return for his/her care of me, we are probably not right for each other.

T OR F / 10.If what i get in my reomantic relationship with _____ isnt worth what i give, he/she should either tive more. or i should end the relationship to find someone who can give me more.

T OR F / 11.Solutions to the problems that _____ and i face should be long term soultions that satisfy both of us.

T OR F / 12.______ should not expect me to have a permanent romantic realtionsip with him/her.

T OR F / 13.Criticsim from _____ should not cause me to try to change my behavior. It should cause me to condsider ending our reomantic relationshp.

T OR F / 14.If ______ has a problem with some aspect of our romantic relatiobnship, we should both work together to find a solution that we can permanently adopt.

T OR F / 15.Even though i am presently in an exclusive romantic relationship with ______ it's reasonabale for me to compare him/her to otehrs who may meet my needs more effectively.

T OR F / 16._______ and i should learn how to makeeach other happy without sacrificing our own happiness to do it.

T OR F / 17.It's reasonable for ________ to expect me to do something in return for what he/ she does for me.

T OR F / 18.The decisions that _______ and imake should make both of us happy and fulfilled.

T OR F / 19.If _______criticizes e, it means that he/she is probably not right for me.

T OR F / 20.A short term sacrifice maybe necessary forme to learn a new habit or create a lifestyle change that accomodates ______. But if i am not eventually happy with that habit or lifestyle change, i should not continue to make the sacrifice.

T OR F / 21.If ______ criticizes me, he/she simply wants me to give more to compensate for what i am taking from him/her. So its reasonable for me to give more to him/her if i feel that he/she is giving enough to compensate me for my effort.

T OR F / 22.If ______ wants me to do things for him/her that i dont feel like doing, he/she is probably wrong for me.

T OR F / 23.The mutual enjoyment and fulfillment that ______ and i share is more important that what either of us regards as fairness.

T OR F / 24.______ may be right for me now but maybe wrong for me later if he/she meets my needs now but fails to meet them at a later stage of mylife.

T OR F / 25.When my needs or those of ______ change, both of us should make adjustments in our habits and lifestyles to accomodate the new needs so that our remantic relationship can be fulfilling to both of us throughout life.

T OR F / 26.______ should not expect me to have an exclusive romantic relationship with him/her.

T OR F / 27.My romantic relationship with ________ should last as long as i feel it is fair.

T OR F / 28.I should be in an exclusive romantic relationship with ______ only as long as he/she is meeting my emotional needs.

T OR F / 29.If_______ were critical of me, it would indicate that an adjustment of my habits and lifestyle are required until the change would satisfy him/her.

T OR F / 30.If ____ is right for me, he/she will make me happy without my having to put much effort into making him/her happy.

add up the number of true answeres to the following questions: 4, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25 and 29. then add up the number of TRUE answers fro 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 17, 21, 24, 27, and 28. finally, add the up the number fo true answers fo 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 19, 22, 24 and 30.

if the first group has the largest number, you are probably a BUYER. and if it's the second group, then you are a RENTER and if its the third then you are probably a FREELOADER.

to find more about the categories and about thekeys to a strong marriage visit :www.marriagebuilders.com

this article adapted from Dr. Willard GF. HarleyJr's most recent book BUYERS, RENTERS AND FREELOADERS.

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