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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Here's a simple test.use the rating scale below to evaluate how well each of the following statements best describes you.RATING SCALE

1.. Strongly disagree
2.. Somewhat disagree
3.. Neither agree or disagree
4.. Somewhat agree
5.. Strongly agree

___ you often procrastinate and have trouble beginning tasks.

___ you often experience a sense of under achievement or of failing to meet your goals (regardless of your status or the amount of success you've achieved)

___ you often act impulsively and have a tendency to "speak before you think" (you often say what's on your mind at inappropriate times)

___ you rarely follow through on new ideas or simple tasks.

___ you often sabotage your efforts as you're about to acheive a goal (pursuing a goal excites you, but achieving one leaves you flat.)

___ you're often very disorganized (your office or house is a mess)

___ you crave stimulating and new activities and challenges

___ you are prone to extreme and inaccurate self observation (you tend to exaggerate how good or bad you really are)

___ you're easily bored -- it's rare that anything interests you for long.

___ you either have trouble focusing or are focused to an extreme (you either get very distracted or you're so focused that you're able to block everything else out.)

___ you're intelligent and creative, with strong intuitive sense.

___ you tend to be very impatient (about trying to lose weight for example )

___ you are prone to obsessive-compulsive worrying or to not worrying when you should (for example you'll stay on the golf course in the midst of a lightning storm)

___ you are prone to restless thoughts and behavior. such as pacing or wringing your hands.

___ you have a tendency toward addiction and/or habits you can't break.

___ details make you crazy -- you're put off by tedious tasks.

___ you have a family history of manic depressive ilness ADD, depression, addiction (substance abuse) or problems with impulse control.

___ you often experience muddies or racing thoughts that feel like they're out of control.

If you responded with a 4 (somewhat agree) or 5 (strongly agree) for five more of the items above, its quite possible your fitness (and life) may be hindered by ADD. seek profesional diagnosis and investigate your treatment options by consulting some of the recommended resources below:www.addresources.org
www. add.org

(taken from "Experience Life"2004)
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