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Thursday, May 20, 2004
i was on medical leave for the past 15 days now. last summer, i was advised by a oal surgeon that i have TEMPORO MANDIVULAR JAWBONE (TMJ) problem or better know as athritis of the jawbone. so this oral surgeon made a special moutguard for me that i can only use at night when i go to sleep. at night i look like Hannibal Lectrer (SILENCE OF THE LAMB) with this mouth guard. its now been two years and i am still in pain and having a hard time functioning properly. i dont know what to do , the pain is unbearable. the oral surgeon charged my insurance a total of usd17,000.00 for the past two years of me visiting him. so now we are challenging the bill because this doctor did not do anything to me, nor did he opened me up. my wife who works in an insurance company is doing the challenging thru the insurance commissioner's office.

last 08 may, i visited an internists, then he found out i have a rare illness that is very painful and unbearable, which is called SEVERE TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (STN), the doctor said this is the most painful illness that a person can have. literary, i am in tears at night. this illness is affecting the nervouse system of the facial area, most especially the left side of my jawbone. during the day, i am all by myself at this big house, cuz my wife goes to work and leaves the house at 530am, then my youngest son goes to school and the oldest son of my mine already went on his own and is now living in an apartment.

i was in pain one morning and literary screaming and i dont know if i was howling, but i have to make some sound. i will go nuts if i cannot express the pain that i have. then when i looked at the floor of my bedroom, i saw my dog misty imitating me, while i hold my left side of the jawbone, she was doing it also on herself and howling too. i love my dog.

because of the medication that i have, i can now rest for a while at nite. i have codeine to take if i cannot bear the pain, but i only take it when necessary.

i will go back to work on the 21st of may, hopefully i wont have a hard time at work when this illness of mine takes its toll while i am at work.
posted by infraternam meam @ 1:07 AM  
  • At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    fr: kiwipinay

    uy koyang! bago ah! mukha nga po yatang masakit yan. parang ayaw ko ng ganyang sakit. yun nga lang sakit ng ngipin, nakakaiyak na sa sakit. sana po ay ok na yung bago nyong doktor. get well soon po.

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