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Friday, October 27, 2006
Unlike many developed countries, the U.S. keeps growing. We are also moving south and west. But compared with China or India, the nation is a vast prairie.

80 Percent of the U.S. population lives in a metropolitan area.
Populaton of top five as follows:

1. New York City metro area (pop: 18,747,300)

2. Los Angeles metro area (pop: 12,923,500)

3. Chicago metro area (pop: 9,443,400)

4. Philadelphia metro area (pop: 5,823,200)

5. Dallas - Forth Worth metro area (pop: 5,819,500)

Alaska, is the most sparsely populated state, with 1 person per square mile.

Loving County, Texas, is the least populated county in the lower 48 states with 62 residents.

The state of Wyoming, (pop: 509,300) has fewer people than the Harrisburg, Pa., metro area.

New Jersey is the most densely populated state, with 1,134 people per square mile.

The U.S. population is still expanding, a dynamic rooted in high immigration rates. Newcomers from Latin America are leading the push.

Women (51%) slightly outnumbered men (49%)
Here's how race and ethnicity break down:

++ White 239.9 million (80.1%)

++ Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 0.52 million (0.2%)

++ American Indians and Alaska Native 2.9 million (1.0%)

++ Asian 13.1 million (4.4%)

++ Black 38.3 million (12.8%)

++ Two or more races 4.7 million (1.0%)


568 live in the state in which they were born.
455 are employed.
420 voted in the last presidential election.
405 are married.
341 drive to work alone.
173 speak a language other than English at home.
159 have no health insurance.
126 live in poverty.
122 are 65 and older.
115 claim Irish ancestry.
23 are in prison, in jail, on parole or on probation.
8 are grandparents caring for grandchildren.
5 are in the active-duty military.
1 is kindergarten.

Hispanics are the only group having more than enough children to replace themselves in the population. More unmarried women are giving birth, but births by teenage girls are at their lowest rate.

Total fertility rate (birth per women ages 15-44)
WHITE 1.85%
BLACK 2.02%
ASIAN 1.90%

U.S. POPULATION 1790 TO 2050

1790 3.9 million

1880 50 million

1915 100 million
(1918, which saw a flu pandemic, is the only year in U.S. history that the population declined.)

1967 200 million
(In the 1967 the largest segment of the foreign born population came from Italy..... today 5.3% of the foreign-born come from Latin America, most from Mexico)

2006 300 million
(today 6.8% of the population is younger than 5)

2040-50 400 million

As manufacturing jobs disappear and service jobs emerge, the way Americans work is changing. Here's a look at what we make and how we do it.

Hot Jobs, cold jobs
Top five U.S. occupations projected to decline or grow the msot by 2014,ranked by the total number of jobs.

Farmers and ranchers -155,000/ Postsecondary teachers 524,000

Stock clerks & other fillers -115,000/ Home health aides 350,000

Sewing-machine operators -93,000/ Computer science engineers 222,000

File clerks -93,000/ Medical assistants 202,000

Computer operators -49,000/ Preschool teachers 143,000

Jobs projected to decline or grow the most by 2014, ranked by percentage
-56% Textile weaving/ Home Health aides 56%
-45% Meter readers/ Network analysts 55%
-41% Credit checkers/ Medical assistants 5.2%
-37% Mail clerks/ Computer-software engineers 48%

For every 1,000 working people, there are.....
Cashiers 27/..... median salary$16,260
Registered Nurses 18/..... $54,670
Waiters and waitresses 17..... $14,200
Janitors and cleaners 16..... $19,390
Truck drivers 12..... $34,280
Elementary school teachers 11 .....$44,040
Carpenters 7.....$35,580
Fast-Food cooks 5..... $15,080
Lawyers 4 .....$98,930
Bartenders 4.....$15,850
Computer programmers 3..... $63,420
Telemarketers 3..... $20,360
Firefighters 2 .....$39,090
Butchers 1 .....$26,590
Parking lot attendants 1..... $16,930

More than 132 million Americans filled tax returns in 2004, the most recent year for which complete stastistics are available. This is the income pyramid for the U.S. - broad at the lower steps, where most people fall, and extremely thin at the top, where the very wealthy live.

50% report income of less than $30,000
70% report income of less than %50,000
90% of tax returns report income of less than $100,000

9.7 million make between $1000,000 and $200,000
2.3 million make between $200,000 and $500,000

..... and what the richest 0.5% make

582,213 tax returns show income between $500,000 and $2 million (Average:$853,085)
65,548 tax returns show income between $2 million and $5 million (Average: $2.9 million)
15,835 tax returns show income between $5 million and $10 million (Average: $6.8 million)
9,677 tax returns show income of more than $10 million (Average: $26.5 million)


Radio Host
24 seconds

Dr. Phil McGraw
Television Host
2 min. 42 sec.

Brad Pitt
4 min, 48 sec.

Kobe Bryant
Basketball player
5 mins. 30 sec.

Maria Sharapova
Tennis player
6 min.

Wolfgang Puck
Celebrity chef
7 min. 30 sec.

Chief Executive
U.S. average
2 hr. 55 min.

Doctor, G.P.
U.S. average
13 hr. 5 min.

Police officer
U.S. average
43 hours

High School Teacher
U.S. average
43 hours

U.S. average
57 hours

U.S. average
103 hours

Nine out of 10 Americans think there's something bigger out there. But what? A look inside our search for meaning.

The U.S. is overwhelmingly a nation of believers. We just don't believe the same things. More than 85% of Americans follow a Christian faith, but that strong majority is built of dozens of denominations that diverge on the most basic questions: What roles does God play in the world? What does he want of us" What does the bible really mean?

I have no doubts that God exists....66%
I believe in a higher power or cosmic force....14%
I believe in God, but with some doubts....11%
I don't believe in anything beyond the physical world....5%

The largest segment of believers is evangelical Protestant, a blanket term for the dozens of denominations that emphasize the authority of the Bible, salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus, and the need to share their faith with others. But few Evangelicals welcome that label, preferring "Bible-believing" or "born again".

Evangelical Protestant....34%
Mainline Protestant....22%
Roman Catholic....21%
Black Protestant....5%
All other religions combined total about 5%


31% believe in an AUTHORITARIAN GOD who is deeply involved in daily life and world evetns. God is angry at sin and can punish the unfaithful or ungodly.

53% of African Americans share this view, as do 56% of people who strongly believe that God is a "he".

23% believe in a BENEVOLENT GOD who is deeply involved in daily life and world events but is mainly a positive force reluctant to punish.

People younger than 30 are the likely to hold this conception of God - just 13% in the cohort do.

16% believe in a CRITICAL GOD who does not really interact witht he world but is unhappy with its current state and will exact divine justice.

21% of people in the Eastern U.S. hold this view, while just 14% of Westeners do.

24% believe in a DISTANT GOD who does not interact witht he world and is not angry. God is more of a cosmic force that set the laws of nature in motion.

37% of those with household incomes over $100,000 a year take this view. 42% of Jews view God this way.

Consumet spending on everything from Apple iPods to Axe body spray powers 70% of the U.S. economy. A look at average daily pruchase of popular products.

18,000 bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio
35,079,448 12-oz servings of Bud Light

125,000 Barbie dolls
150,000 Hot wheels basic cars (small size)

123,287 Trojan Ultra thin condoms
14,100 First Response pregnancy tests

50,051,507 12-oz. cans of Pepsi
8,179,726 20-oz, bottles of Aquafina water

34 Porsche 911s
628 Toyota Camry 4-cylinder LEs

3,160 Men's Rogaine 5% Solution
4,760 CoverGirl Very Black LashExact mascaras

1,900,000 Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts
87,431 Slim-Fast Optima multi-pack shakes

234,586 cartons of 64-oz. Tropicana Pure Premium (no pulp) orange juice

153,424 lbs of Starbucks coffee

26,657 bags of Whiskas cat food
66,665 Pedigree Jumbone dog-bone treats

28,876 Axe Phoenix body spray
1,852,516 Dove Beauty Bars of soap

2,400,000 Burger Kign Whoppers
536,000 Domino's pepperoni pizzas

88,163 Apple iPods
300,000 packs of Pampers
20,826 Dell notebook computers
6,000,000 Federal Express packages shipped
500,000 Hostess Twinkies

(Source: Abstracted from TIMEMAG/U.S. Census Bureau:LandScan2003/UT-Battelle/U.S. Census Bureau;Population Reference Bureau;National Center for Health Statistics;Pew Hispanic Center/Bureau of Labor Statistics;Internal Revenue Service;The State of Working America 2006/2007;Salary.com.Forbes.com/Baylor Religion Survey;Glenmary Research Center;Asso. of Religious Data Archieves)
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