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Saturday, October 21, 2006
215 B.C. Greek mathematician Hero reportedly invents a coin-operated machine to vend sacred water in Eguptian tmeples.

A.D. 1076 Chinese produce coin-operated pencil vendors.

1700s Coin-operated tobacco boxes appear in English taverns.

1886 U.S. granst several patents for coin-operated dispensers.

1888 Thomas Adams company installs Tutti-Frutti gum machines on New York elevated train platforms.

1901 Just add-hot-water "instant" coffee was invented by Satori Kato of Chicago.

1902 U.S. Post office begins to use stamps vendors.

1926 First commercial cigarette vending machines.

1930s Bottled soft drink machines cooled with ice appear on the market.

1946 Invention of the first coffee vendors leads to use of vending machines for coffee break.

1950 First machines to offer refrigerated sandwiches, expanding lunch menu.

1960 Dollar bill changers arrive, frustrating millions, sindle-cup coffee vending machines introduced.

1961 Canned soft drinks vendor offer customers a new beverage option.

1963 Vending companies begin furnishing microwave ovens to hear refrigerated foods.

1970 Glass-fronmt snack machine introduced by Polyvend.

1978 Water vending machines introduced.

1985 Debit card/Credit card devices for vending machines introduced.

1988 First bean-grinders introduced in coffee machines.

1992 Bg-in-box syrup containers installed in cold beverage machine.

2005 Shop24 introduces a vending machine that sells more than 200 products, from batteries to eggs.

2006 MooBella introduces a vending machine that can make 96 varieties of ice cream - to order. In Belgium, a vending machine is tested that would sell beer and wine - and check your ID.

(Source: TEMPO/CHCITRIB National Automatic Merchandising Association, About.com."A History of Science".)
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