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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Kinsey Institute posting the world's sexiest encyclopedia online

A..... Adultery: In some villages in Ghana, crowds shout an "adultery hoot" outside homes where adultery has taken place to shame the woman involved.

B..... Birth Control: Until 1979, the Irish prohibited importation and sale of contraceptions.

C..... Corn Flakes: John Harvey Kellogg touted eating corn flakes as a way to suppress sexual urges.

D..... Dowry Deaths: In Inida, thousands of women have been killed in engineered "accidents" by husbands angry about inadequate marraige gifts from in-laws.

E..... Excuse me: Direct reference to the need for a toilet is considered impolite in Russia.

F..... First time: A 1996 survey of Hong Kong men found that 10 percent had their first sexual experience with a prostitute.

G..... Go, already: Increasingly, financially established single Italian men called "mammoni" are continuing to live with their parents into their 30's, 40's and beyond.

H..... Homosexuality: Though it's now decriminalized in Austria, 13,000 people were convicted of "unnatural fornication" between 1950 and 1971.

I..... Incest: In a study of prostitutes in South Korea, 90 percent said they were victims of incest or had been sexually abused by members of their family.

J..... Japanese comics: "Manga", a popular form of comics in Japan, includes a sexually charged subgenre called "redikomi", drawn by women for female readers.

K..... Kissing: The traidtional Tahitian/Polynesian kiss (ho'i) consited of mutual sniffing and rubbing of noses.

L..... Lesbian: Most lesbians in Greek Cyprus are married to men and maintain heterosexual-style families away from their female lovers.

M..... Masturbation: There are many negative terms in the Icelandic language for masturbation, including "self-pollution" (sjalfsflekkun)

N..... Night crawling: Found in various forms throughout Polynesia, :night crawling" is whn a young man sneaks into the house of a young woman for sex without her parents finding out.

O..... Older efforts: There is a saying "Forty, fat and finished" in Denmark, where the sex life of older people are often depicted as disgusting.

P..... Prostitution: In Israel, prostitution is no illegal, but soliciting is.

Q..... Quality control: In Italy, the first sexual experience is ranked positively by 48.7 percent of males and by 38.6 percent of females.

R..... Ritual brother: Among the Banaro of Papua New Guinea every male has a "ritual brother" who is allowed sexual access to his wife.

S..... Space: A device had been patented the "Belt of Paradise" to enable sex in microgravity.

T..... Turnabout: It had been estimated that one in 10 Australian men has worn women's clothes.

U..... Uncalled for: In Egypt, where plumpness traditinally defines female beauty, an insult is to call a skinny woman a "rusty needle".

V..... Working women: 84 percent of women in the labor force in Spain say they have suffered some type of sexual harassment on the job.

X..... X-rated: One Australian state does not permit adult films to be shown on Sundays.

Y..... Your parts: Some 70 percent of Ukranian children ages 6 to 8 were found to be unable to identify the right words for genitalia.

Z..... Zoophilia: Some Tanzanians believe that having sexual relations with animals will increase their luck.

The famous Kinsey Institute has begun putting online one of the foremost encyclopedia on sex around the world.

The four-volume Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, written by 280 experts, examines sex in 62 countries.

The editor, Robert T. Francoeur, 74, who holds a doctorate in biology, says the online version will allow researchers to update information more quickly.

Sexual behaviour is changing rapidly, said Francoeur, professor emeritus at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, N.J. He credits the Internet and increased education. "Social changes that would take 50 or 100 years a couple of generations ago are taking place in five, 10 years, now", he said.

One example is in Japan where it was once an accepted custom for men to grope women from behind on the subway.

"Young Japanese women who are going to college and picking up feminusm and so forth did'nt like it", Francoeur said. But rather than make a public disturbance, they are now gently grabbing men's wrists and raising their hands. "It didn't take the men long to learn to back off, don't do it, or you'll lose face", he said.

Arranged marriages are deminishing, he said. In the village of Junigau, Nepal, between 1963 and 1983, 73 percent of all first marriages were arranged. Ten years later, arranged marriages dropped to 54 percent. Other sexual practices, most of which Francoeur said serve to denigrate women, are also becoming less prevalent.

Currently, there are 28 country chapters posted; the rest are to be online by Octorber 2007.

"A lot of people will find it an interesting place to browse because verything is indexed", Francoeur said.

"If you want to find about monogamy in Mongolia, you can find it."

(Source:CHICSUNTIMES by Andrew Herrmann or visit :www.kinseyinstitute.org/ccies)
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