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Monday, April 18, 2005
Who Did What, When, From Age 1 to 100

At the Age of 16.....

..... Romeo falls for Juliet.

..... Henry Ford quits school and takes a job as an engineer.

..... Angelo Siciliano, a scrawny teen, sees a statue of Hercules at the Brooklyn museum, joins the local TMCA, begins lifting weights, and starts developing the physique that will make him world famous alng with his new title, CHARLES ATLAS.

..... Arthur de Lulli compopses "The Classical Chop Waltz" better know as the "Chopsticks".

..... J.P. Getty III is kidnapped, and when his grandfather, then the world's richest man, refuses to pay ransom, the boy also loses an ear, which the kidnappers cut off and send to his family to show they mean business. The ransom is paid, the boy returned.

..... Buddha marries Yasodhara, his 16 year old princess cousin.

At the age of 17.....

..... Judy Garland appears in "The Wizard of Oz".

..... Joan of Arc, French army captain, leads her troops against the English, forcing their widrawal from Orleans, a crucial victory during the Hundred Years War.

..... Joseph (in the Bible) is robbed of his coat of many colors, then thrown into a pit.

..... Leslie Hornby, better know as "Twiggy" becomes the world's first supermodel.

..... Harry Houdini becomes a professional magician.

..... Marco Polo begins his legendary 24 year expedition through Asia.

..... Aristotle joins Plato's Academy to study Philosophy and science.

..... Howard Hughes inherits his father's machine tool company.

At the Age of 18.....

..... Ottaviano is elected Pope John XII.

..... Mick Jagger debuts with is new group, the Rollin' Stones.

..... Jessie James commits his first known bank robbery.

..... Cleopatra becomes Queen of Egypt.

..... Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary, is arrested for leading protests agains testate owners.

..... Victoria becomes Queen of England, a 64-year reign that will make her one of the most beloved monarchs in British History.

..... Tommy Hilfiger opens his first clothing store, which sells bell-bottoms and other trendy apparel.

At the Age of 19.....

..... Bill Gates co-founds Microsoft.

..... Gavrilo Princip assisasinates Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, the act that ignites World War I.

..... Tarzan meets Jane, who is also 19.

..... William Hanna and Joseph Barbera creates cartoon characters Tom and Jerry.

..... Adolf Hitler fails to gain entry, for the second time, to Vienna's Imperial Academy of Fine Arts.

At the Age of 20.....

..... David slays Goliath.

..... Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles of England.

..... Earvin "Magic" Johnson leads his Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA title and wins the finals MVP award, though the rookie is not legally old enough to drink chapagne in thw victorius locker room.

..... Alexander the Great becomes King Of Macedonia and leads the Greeks in war against Persia.

..... Norma Jean Mortensen is interviewed at 20th Century-Fox Studios, is offered a contract, and is given the name Marilyn Monroe.

..... Levi Strauss, father of blue jeans, introduces bibless canvass overalls, precursor to his denim version.

..... Plato becomes a student of Socrates.

..... Tom Cruise stars in "Risky Business".

At the Age of 21.....

..... Steve Jobs introduces the Apple computer that he and Steve Woznak created.

..... Elvis Presley records "Heatbreak Hotel".

..... Nathaniel Palmer discovers Antartica.

..... Bonnie Parker, accompanied by Clyde Barrow, begins a two year string of bank robberies during which 12 people are murdered. Later became know as "Bonnie and Clyde".

At the Age of 22.....

..... Francis of Assisi falls sick and decides his life would be best spent helping the poor and the infirm. Later became known as "St. Francis".

..... Brigitte Bardot stars in the movie "And God Created Woman" and becomes and international sex symbol.

..... Dick Clark premieres hsi TV show "American Bandstand".

..... Ernest Hemingway moves to Paris, where he will write fiction and hang out with the Lost Generation.

At the Age of 23.....

..... Isaac Newton watches an apple fall from a tree, and is drawn to the subject of gravitation.

..... George Fox founds the Quakers, in England.

..... Marlon Brando takes Broadway by storm, as Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Names Desire.

..... Jerry Garcia founds the Greatful Dead band.

..... Daniel Rutherford discovers nitrogen.

..... Tom Monaghan starts the Domino's Pizza chain.

..... Jane Taylor writes the nursery rhyme, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

..... John Travolta portrays disco king Tony Manero in "Saturday Night Fever".

At the Age of 24.....

..... Lee Harvey Oswald assasinates President John F. Kennedy.

..... James Dean stars in "East of Eden", one of only three films he will make.

..... Lorena Bobbitt cuts off most of her husband John's penis.

..... Chuck Yeager, piloting the Bell XS-I experimental rocket plane, breaks the sound barrier, the first person to do so.

At the Age of 25.....

..... Charles Linbergh flies solo across the Atlantic, the first to do so, guiding hisplane, "Spirit of St. Louis", from Roosevelt Field, New York, to Le Bourget Airfiled, Paris.

..... Orson Welles writes, directs, produces, and stars in "Citizen Kane", revolutionizing film technique.

..... Pablo Picasso paints "Les Demiselles d'Avignon", the work generally regarde as singnaling the birth of "modern art."

..... Vivian Leigh plays "Scarlet O'Hara" in the movie, "Gone With the Wind".


(abstracted from the book, "What's In An Age", by Andrew Postman.(
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