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Friday, April 15, 2005
What is a Blog?

Dictionary is of little help: "a chronological log published on a Web Page...shortened form of Weblog...blog, blogged, blogging, blogger".

Michael Gorman of the American Library Association is of some help: " A blog is a species of interactive electronic diary by means of which the unpublishable, untrammeled by editors or the rules of grammar, can communicate their thoughts via the Web."

There are at least 8 million American bloggers. Blog readership is up 58 percent from last year. Almost one Internet user in four visits the blog.

One problem with taking a look at the World Wide Web: It is a tangled Web. Think of library where there has been an explosion. Piles of books everywhere, scattered at random. How do you look something up? Pick up one book. No, that's not the one. Pick up the next book. No, that's not the one.......

There are 197,000,000 Google hits for "blog". Blogs range from Sean Hannity Tuned into America (www.hanity.com) down to Carrieoke's Knitting Blog. http//carrie.prettyposies.com.

The Dullest Blog in the World is located at www.wibsite.com/wiblog/dull.

(abstracted from CHICTRIB/QT on the Blog by: Zay N. Smith email:qt@Suntimes.com)
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