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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
30 MARCH '05
I have returned from the ordeal of knowing how bad my Trigeminal Neuralgia problem is. The Neurologists said, I have now to make a decision if I wanted to go on and live with the pain or have it corrected surgically. The medications that was given to me is not doing me any good, the pain is still lingering, and at night, I can't sleep with the excruciating pain on the right side of the jawbone.

SEPT. '03
I was awaken with a jolting pain on the right side of my jawbone. I thought I was having a bad tooth ache, covering the end molar on the right side. I took some pain killer and said to myself that I will ask my dentists for an appointment. The family dentists told me, she cannot find any problem with the end molars and both left and right sides are okey. She suggested that I take Aleve for pain, which I did, but the pain is still there. Then I went to see an Ortho specialist. I was told that I have TEMPORO MANDIVULAR JAWBONE (TMJ) problem. A set of very expensive mouth guard was created especially for me which I have to use at night only to prevent the pain. The specialist charged my insurance $27,000 which for me is not a problem cuz I am heavily insured. I still have the pain on the right side of the jawbone.

Dec. '04
While having an Agape with PAX,(a groupd of ex-priest and ex-seminarians which I am a member).I was discussing my problem with a Neurological nurse assistant who is married to an ex-seminarian. She was trying to analyze what I am telling her and she then suggested that I see a Neurologist. I went to see a Neurologist and was then diagnozed that I have (STN) SEVERE TROGEMINAL NEURALGIA. I was told not many people has this type of illness and it is a long time curing process. I even told the Neurologist that I might be the lucky one to have this, since not many people has it. It is not a genetic problem, it is not handed over to the next generation....it just so happen, I was the unlucky one to have it. Medication was prescribed, thingking that it could still be remedied.

30 March '05
All the medications failed. I have to undergo an MRI of the brain, Study post FOSSA. I have now to decide if I want the Trigeminal Neuralgia be surgically remedied. I told my Neurologist that I will think about it first. He told me to think about it fast and quick, the problem might take its toll and the more worst it will create. I cannot just say yes, I have to think about it first because one of the Trigeminal is connected to the back of my head and at the spine. What if the doctor made a mistake or what if the surgery is not a success... I might get paralyzed.

posted by infraternam meam @ 5:02 PM  
  • At 9:29 PM, Blogger Clett said…

    Maybe a second opinion will help you make your decision whether or not to have the surgery. This is just a suggestion and I hope I am not intruding into your personal life. If I may add that inspite of your illness you have the courage to write about it and express how you feel about it. May you be blessed with His healing hands.

  • At 9:54 PM, Blogger cathcath said…

    I am sorry to hear about this. May you be guided as to what decision you are going to make.

    Whatever it is, you jave my prayers.

  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said…

    CLETT AND CATHY...tks for ur comments. it gives me great encouragement. i felt that i have known the two of you for a long time, even this thing only happened thru the web. you are very caring...that is the reason the word LOVE was invented. because when you reverse the word LOVE it goes EVOL...meaning to say "to circle, to cicumnavigate" to the two of you...'AMAVERUNT'

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