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Sunday, March 27, 2005
*** 1. Minoan, circa 1630, B.C. When the volcano on the Greek Island of Santorini exploded, the waves that followed swept Crete--- and may have sped the Minon civilization's demise. The Tsunami is said to be a source of the Atlantis myth.

*** 2. Cascadia, 1700 Massive waves originated with a giant eathquake off the cost of the American Pacific Northwesat. Some 300 year old records desribing damage from this event have been found in Japan.

*** 3. Lisbon, 1755 The Portuguese capital was laid waste by an offshore earthqauke and the waves that follow3d -- events mentioned in Voltaire's Candide. Felt as far away as Barbados, it is to have wrought damage across the Atlantic.

*** 4. Sanriku, 1896 More than 20,000 people died when this tsunami hit Japan's northeast coast with little warning. National Geographic reported on the disaster in September of that year.

*** 5. Aleutian, 1946 Originating off Alaska, the tsunami reached Hawaiian shores within five hours. It spurred the developement of the Pacidif tsunami warning system.

*** 6. Chile, 1960 A magnitude 9.5 quake-- the largest on record -- triggered waves that claimed 2,200 lived across the Pacific. This disaster alerted officials to a need for public eduction about how to respond to tsunamis: Though warning were posted in Hawaii, spectators came to the waterfront to watch.

*** 7. Papua New Guinea, 1998 This tsunami mystified observers when its dealy waves struck along a very limited coast line, killing more than 2,000 people. Scientist have since learned that its cause was an undersea landslide-- at the time a little-recognized tsunamai trigger. Such landslides are now known to be a treat to many coasts.

(Abstracted from GEOGRAPHICA/The World by Numbers by: Tim Appenzeller, check at nationalgeographic.com/magazine.0504)
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