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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Wellness Astrology by: Ted PanDeva Zagar

His (Pope's) chartwheel depicts Earth as a circle in the center surrounded by a sky that is divided into 12 houses. The 1st house starts at the eastern horizon, with the western horizon starting the 7th House. The 10th House cusp is the point directly overhead.

The pope's planetary pattern strongly influenced his career and wellness destiny. Sagittarius and its associate House (9th) and planet (Jupiter) rule religion. John Paul has his two most influential spheres -- Sun and Moon -- plus Mercury and Venus in the 9th House at 27,29,18 and 14 degrees of Taurus respectively.

Pisces and its associate House (12th) and planet (Neptune) govern spiritual and mystical matters. The last portion of John Paul's 6th House of Service/Work contains 8 degrees (out of 30) of the zodiac sign of Pisces. Saturn (career) is in the 12th House. Significantly, the two planets of religion-musticism (Jupiter-Neptune) are tightly conjoined at 10 and 8 degrees of Leo, respectively (11th House).

The 6th House also governs wellness and illness. John Paul has the 12th degree of Aquarius on the cusp of the house. The only planet in that portion of the sky is Uranus, conincidentally the planetary associate of Aquarius. This makes the month of Aquarius. This makes the month of Aquarius (Feb. 20 to March 20) doubly significant for John Paul in matters of wellness.

Having a birth sky featuring four planets in Taurus, the pope has great sensitivity in the throat, thyroid, tonsil and neck regions.

He was hospitalized with a problematic larynx on Feb.1, the annual date when the Sun enters his 6th House. At the same time Uranus - following an 84-year-cycle- returned to its original place in the chart (5 degrees Pisces). As this is the planetary ruler of John Paul's wellenss fortunes and misfortunes, great significance is placed upon this rare event.

On Feb. 24 the Sun caught up to transiting Uranius when the pope required a tracheotomy, fulfilling his mega-Taurean sensitivities and destiny.

Voice your higher choice and know that lovs is the brightest star!

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