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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
March 2, 1919--
Melchora Aquino a.k.a. Tandang Sora died at the age of 107. Tandang Sora was born January, 1812 in Banilad, Caloocan. Later in life, she has six children to Fulgencio Ramos who died early. Being a single mother, she supported her children through rice and sugarcane production from their 25 acres land.

She was called the "Mother of the Philippine Revolution", because she was an active supporter of the Katipunan and supported the Katipuneros of Andres Bonifacio in their battle against Spain. Secret meetings of the Katipuneros were held in her house. while she tended Filipinos who managed to escape by dressing their wounds, feeding them and hiding them from the Spaniards.

Not much is know of Melchora Aquino. When the war broke out in 1896, she was already old, hence she was called "Tandang Sora".

When the Spaniards authorities learned of her involvement in the revolution, she was exiled to the Marianas Islands along with 171 Filipinos charged with rebellion. In 1901, she came back under the American regime and died 16 years later.

March 15,1943---
Gregoria de Jesus, wife of Andres Bonifacio was a native of the town of Kalookan then of Rizal Province. She was born on May 9, 1875. Her father is Nicholas De Jesus, a Gobernadorcillo during the Spanish regime.

Gregoria de Jesus began her revolutionary work at the age of 18. As the wife of Andres Bonifacio, she suffered countless privations in the performance of the dangerous tasks which only women could do undetected by the police. The revolutionary generals spoke admiringly of her extraordinary courage and daring and of her alertness, which saved her from capture.

When the revolution was suppressed by the Americans, Gregoria de Jesus returned to peaceful life. Afterbeing a widow of Andres Bonifacio, she decided to get married to another patriot, Julio Nakpil. She became a devoted wife and mother, but still loyal to the ideals of the revolution, which she also instilled in the minds of her children.

In her last years, when her children were already grown up, she particualrly enjoyed sojourning at the home of her only son, Juan, of whom she was very fond of. Her son was aware of her tender devotion to him and he reciprocated it. He was deeply grieved by her passing in 1943, during the dark days of the Japanese occupation.

(abstracted from PINOY News/Almanac)
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