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Sunday, March 20, 2005
If you're interested in answering this survey, fill out and send it to maximonline.com(need not give name)

City/or state :
Favorite Color:


How old are you when you first had sex?
How many sexual partners have you had?
How many partners' name can you remember?
What's the longest you've been in a relationship?
Have you ever cheated on your aprtner? ___ yes ___ no
Have you ever been cheated on? ___ yes ___ no
If you were caught, how?

Have you ever been to relationship counseling? ___ yes ___ no

If yes, why?

Did it work? ___ yes ___ no ___ of course not
What is the ideal number of partners for a man to have had?
For a woman?
Do you think you are more or less sexually experienced that your partner?
___ more ___ less

Do you prefer a partner more experienced or less experienced that you are?
___ more ___ less

Virgins: a blessing or a curse?
How old is the oldest person you've had sex with?
How old would you go?
How many times a week do you have sex?
How often do you think a typical person your age has sex weekly?
What's the longest you've gone without it?
How many one-night stand have you had?
What's been your fastest turnaround time between first encounter and the nasty?
Have you ever made a booty call? ___ yes ___ no
What's your favorite perversion?

What's the strangest thing your partner has asked you to do?

Did you do it? ___ yes ___ no
Finger in the butt,:good of bad? ___ yes ___ no
What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

Have you ever had a threesome ___ yes ___ no
Have you ever used the services of a prostitute? ___ yes ___ no
Have you had anal sex? ___ yes ___ no
Have you ever had sex in public? ___ yes ___ no
Where's the strangest place?

Do you like to role play? ___ yes ___ no
Which sex act do you most look forward to performing one day?
How often do you masturbate?
Record for a single day?
Do you indulge at work? ___ yes ___ no
How frequently do you look at porn?
___ never ___ sometimes ___ weekly ___ daily

Have you ever had cybersex? ___ yes ___ no
Have you ever had sex with a co-worker? ___ yes ___ no
What relation do you have?
Where ?
Which celebrity would you most have sex with?
What is your preferred appraoch to pubic hair on women?
___ trimmed ___ bare ___ natural

Lights on or off ? ___ on ___ off
Dirty talk or silence? ___ talk ___ silence

How much foreplay is enough?

What percentage of the time do you use condoms?
Have you ever had STD? ___ yes ___ no
How would you describe your sexual prowess?
___ amateur ___ average ___ swordsman
How long do you really last?

Have you ever been unable to perform? ___ yes ___ no
Have you taken Viagra? ___ yes ___ no
How would you describe your partner's performance?
___ amateur ___ average ___ little tramp
Have you ever measured yourself? ___ yes ___ no
If it were 100 percent safe, would you have penile-enlargement surgery?
___yes ___ no

Do you enjoy performing oral sex? ___ yes ___ no
What is the perfect breast size?

Are boo jobs cheating? ___ yes ___ no
How long should a man stay in bed after sex?

What is your favorite part of woman's body?

What, if anything, occupies more of your mental activity than sex?

What was your msot glorious sexual achievement?

(abstracted from MAXIMONLINE.COM)
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