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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
28 March '05 --
I have picked up my wife at the train station from work with my dog Misty at the back seat, wiggling her tails as soon as my wife came out of the train. Then the two of us went out for dinner in an Ecclectic Chinese/Vietnamese/Oriental Restaurant. We ordered simple food, we talked about things in our state of the 26 married life we had together. We spend almost more than an hour eating simple food at 5pm, cuz I cannot eat anything after 9pm tonite.

When we arrived home, I went directly to the medicine cabinet, took hold again of all my pills, drain first two big ones, as big as my thumb with luke warm water and then waited for another 30mins to take the two, and then the last two after another 30mins.

I went to my own bedroom, rested, with the bedroom door open -- so that my wife could hear me, in case anything happens while she is in the master's bedroom, taking care of things for her work tomorrow morning.

Then, I heard voices, after a one hour sleep, from the effect of the medications that I have taken. I went inside the computer room.My two boys are both at home eating dinner, they have brought from the restaurant my eledest son is managing.The two said their usual salutations of the evening.... having now an apartment of their own.

After dinner, my eldest son came up at the computer room and we talked, while his mother is listening. He told me about all the many plans that he has in life, his many dreams, the plans that he would like to accomplish so that my wife and I will be a part of it---- HIS DREAMS....HIS PLANS in life, without mentioning of settling down and raising his own family. He told me..."I don't have any plans of conquering corporate America, Dad, I am 25 years old now, happy for now, being a batchelor, with no attachment".. I was looking at my eldest son intensely, while he tells me all these dreams of his, espcially now that he is managing two restaurants, and part of the two restaurants structure, put up by the Italian owner, fot the past four years now.

And so, I ask my self...."am I the man talking there, at the doorway of the computer room, or I am just another bystander in a nice episode in one man's life", until he told me...."I AM YOU DAD"...I held back the tears, pretended that I was thinkering the keyboard of the computer. He came forward and gave be a bear hug...and I LOST IT! For that time, when my son is embracing me...I felt energy on the embrace of my eldest son, while he is apologizing for the many pitfalls of his younger brother---who thru all of these emotions, is down stairs at his basement apartment, playing his game.

Then, my eldest son, went down to his younger brother's room and before midnite, he came up and asked me, when his mother is already asleep at the other room..." so what about tomorow Dad? Do you need me to be there? You know, I will always be there, when you check into the hospital....cuz your my Dad...and me and kid brother LOVES YOU AND MOM VERY MUCH."

I just touched my son's, arms around me...and we just looked at each other...WE UNDERSTOOD EACH OTHER...THOUGH HOW DISTANT SOMETIMES ARE LIVES ARE!


I will check into the hospital tomorrow, and I need to get some sleep.

posted by infraternam meam @ 12:43 AM  
  • At 8:40 AM, Blogger Clett said…

    I am not a real blogger. I just want to read blogs, Filipino blog that is.
    I hope everything is alright with you. I am at my late summer years and like you I hope to enjoy my fall (my favorite) and if lucky my winter years. I started reading your blog and I enjoyed your entries regarding a call from a kababayan's missing balikbayan boxes and how it finally reached its destination, I bet it made your day. I also enjoyed how you dealt with unreasonable irate passengers and how you handle yourself with that pinay in your office who intentionally forgot to speak tagalog in just a few years what a jerk. How about those shameless filipinos with "pakidala" another jerks. You have a very nice family and you seem to be a very nice person. I hope your health improves and keep writing about your personal journal I enjoy reading them. Good luck.

  • At 5:02 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said…

    nice of you to visit. i don't at times gets comments in my blog. i still go on doing it anyway. it is for me a sense of relief on my daily struggles into the mainstream of american way of life.i have a rare illness, that affects the trigeminal neuralgia. it's very painful,and unbearable. the only consolations i have when pain strikes is the encouragement of my wife and my two boys. again, thank you!!

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