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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
11 April '05

... on the last stretch of my shift at 0145hrs, I got this very weird call from a sobbing woman, asking me to check if her husband has already arrived at the airport.(i cannot tell which airport) She said she has been there for nearly 6 hrs, waiting for all the flts to come in, as was advised to her by her husband.

... "I am very sorry ma'am, I need to know what was the flt nos of your husband at least tell me the time he left this particular airport".

*** "I don't know the flt nos., he just said from this airport to this airport and I have to come to pick him up. I am now here, I even asked the airport security to page his name in the PA system, three hrs from the time he was page, he still did not respond. I am getting worried." (started crying on the fon)

... "Okey, I'll see what I can do to check if our reservation agent could at least pick up his itin from the last name." (i called reservation dept, still cannot find the itin of the pax)"Ma'am I am very sorry, we cannot seem to find your husband in any of the probable flts that we are trying to guess and figure out, I wish you can tell me at least one segment of his flt and time he departed."

*** "I really cannot tell you, because he just told me to be at the airport at this particular hour, so I did, and it is now more than 6 hrs, I still cannot find my husband in any flts that landed and none of the agent can find him in the system also. I am very worried something might have happened to him, he's been gone since sunday."

... "Believe me, I understand your frustration and your fear. Can you at least tell me if he checked in any bag, and if he did, do you know the tag nos? Maybe from there I could access his travel itinerary".

*** "I am not sure, but I think this is the tag nos on the bag as given to me by his office mate, that I called, when he dropped him off at the airport, last sunday". (gave me sets of bag tag nos)

... "Ma'am the sets of tag nos you gave me does not match the last name of your husband." (it's good I did not say the tag nos she gave me belongs to a woman's name. so I track the name of this woman, whose name is on the tag, and yes, this woman is travelling with another man and the name of the travelling companion is this woman's husband)"Ma'am, I think you gave me a wrong tag nos, 'cuz it still kept on showing a different name on it".

*** "Can you give me the name on the tag nos that I gave you? Maybe that person knows my husband or travelling companion from work of my husband".

... "Am sorry ma'am, but company policy... i cannot tell you who owns the tag and the name of the person, I am very sorry". (crying again on the fon)

The lady said goodbye, thank me for all I did and hang up the fon.
The woman whose name is on the tag is a travelling companion of the lady caller's husband, and I know where they are right there and then, but I cannot tell the man's wife the truth.

Such was the inequities and the unfairness in life, especially for a woman who is so worried about her husband, thinking that something might have happened, while this man is in a Ski resort, whose room is registered to another person's name AND I WILL NOT TELL YOU...NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
posted by infraternam meam @ 3:48 AM  
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