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Sunday, April 10, 2005
09 April '05

I had been diagnozed to have severe bronchitis, when I saw my doctor this Friday. I had severe cold and so my doctor prescribed anti-biotics to ease the bronchitis problem 'cuz it is aggravating the Trigeminal Neuralgia, which I also have.

At around 9PM Saturday, I felt the pain immediately emanating from my left Achilles heel. I ignored it, thinking this will pass 'cuz I have never had a Gout attack for so many years. It became worst in the evening at 10pm. I cannot stand the pain anymore, I have to walk using my waling stick, not one but two of them and I have to call my doctor and asked thru his emergency vmail to contact the closest 24hrs drug store in my neighborhood the be able pick up INDOMETACIN to prevent the inflammation and extreme pain.

"Gout...Uric acid one of the body's waste products, normally passes out through the kidneys in one's urine. If there is more of it that the kidneys can process, Gout is likely the outcome.

In Gout, uric acid accumulate and forms crystals that my lodge in areas of the body where the blood supply is too meager or sluggish to carry them away. When Uric acid crystals are caught in the spaces between one's joints, the tissue surrounding it becomes inflamed. The inflammation irritates the nerve endings in the joint, which causes EXTREME PAIN. Sometimes the crystals also accumulate in the kidneys themselves which may cause kidney failure.

Since all human beings produces about as much Uric Acid as the kidneys can handle, everyone is to some extent susceptible to Gout. However, some people are more susceptible than the others, for no apparent reasons, other than an inborn predisposition. Sometimes, Gout develops because of an environmental factor that upsets the Uric Acid balance. Such factors can include overindulgence in food or alcohol, infections and treatment with some antibiotics and diuretics."

These are some of the food that can aggravate the Gout problem:
** Strawberry - the seed outside the berries is the number one carrier of Uric Acid granules.

** All leguminous plant - beans, nuts, long beans, including broccoli and tomatoes.

** All internal organs of animal - liver, and you know what are internal organs, which I will not describe in details.

** Red meat, including Soy sauce and food based in soya sauce and beans sprout and other products with Mung beans on it.

** In short, all the best food in life can trigger Gout.

What are the Symptoms?
"The main symptoms of gout is Severe Pain, sometimes in ones elbow or knee but more often in one's hands or foot, frequently at the base of one big toes. The pain usually comes without warning, though experiences sufferes may note some early twinges. Within a few hours, one's joint is so swollen and tender that you cannot endure even the weight of a sheet. There is over a fever to 101 degrees F. The inflamed skin over the joint is likely to be red and shiny and dry.

Gout is a common form of joint disease. It can affect males after puberty, but women get it generally after menopuase, some women are less likely to be affected than men."

What are the risks?
" Gout is one of the most controllable of the metabolic disorders. Left untreated, it cam lead to death from kidney disease, or from high blood pressure, a major risks factor in coronary artery disease and stroke."

I called the answering service of my doctor and when he returned the call, he was asking me if I can still endure the pain if not I have to go the emergency ward so that they can ease the extreme pain that I have now.

I hate the hospital, so I decided to ride the pain at home with the help of the medication that has been prescribed over the phone and the 24 hour pharmacy has been contacted and my wife has already picked up the medication. I have taken the first heavy dosage. I have to take it with food and one full glass of water to prevent the medicine from messing up my kidney.

It's now 3am and I am still up, in extreme pain because I cannot sleep under a blanket even under a soft bed cover, because this is just irritating my left Achilles heel where the Gout is attacking me. My left Achilles heel is already swollen.

I have told my wife, in case I won't be able ride the pain tonite, we have to go to the emergency of the hospital near my area so that they could could drain the crystals. I am in extreme pain, and if I will grow old with this pain, I'd rather be put to sleep. I have so much pain in my body that I have already at times given up.

God Help Me on this Pain!
posted by infraternam meam @ 2:03 AM  
  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger Clett said…

    Sometimes a mere headache makes me feel so incapacitated. What am I complaining about. I can take a pain killer and its all gone. I hope your doctors can alleviate your pain. My thoughts are with you. I can only pray that He heals you and help you deal with your pain.

  • At 3:42 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said…

    clett...ty for the visit. i ahve other ailments but i wont blog it. believe me...you don't want the illness that i have. i can't believe myself and my doctor how i can endure it. so much pain.

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