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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
His name is Sho Yano, a kid who created a stir in 2000 when he entered Loyola University at the age of 9 and graduated Summa Cum Laude just three years later. He was admitted at Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago last fall. since he was a toddler, Sho has been exceptional, shocking primary school teachers and parents with his uncanny ability to absorb all kinds of information. as a young boy, his IQ measured above 200, putting him well into the genius range.

Sho is one of just 10students in the University of Chicago's school of medicine in the combined MD/PHD program.most of the time the group quickly holds tight bonds among each other. instead of spending hours in taverns with his classmates, Sho joined a clssmate or two for a bike ride or accomopanied them for dinner while his mother waited in the car downstairs. during the group's first retreat, other students sipped wine, but a classmate said "we always made sure we have milk for Sho."

Some professor and classmate expected a nerdy kid with his hand constantly raised, eager to prove he knew all the answers, instead he was quietly brilliant. his professors says, sometimes he knows the answer before his professor.

As part of his first year in medical school, Sho assists in the DNA repair lab in school lab.

The University of Chicago medical school , gave Sho's application a closer look because of his age. he met with triple number of professors and students compared with typical applicants. in the end, he left a strong impression that he was an exceptional and mature student eager to move on.there was a slight change to his course studies, allowing him to take more of his Doctoral Research at the beginning of his studies and more medical training at the end. by the time he sees patients, he will be likely 17 years old.

Sho's qualifications easily matched those of the other students applying to the unviersity's medical scientist-in-training program leading to both MD and a PhD. he had perfect socres in the quantitative and analytical sections of his graduate school admissions test. his Medical College Admission Test scores is 13 or 14 out of 15 for each of the sections --- were STELLAR. he defied critics by graduating from Loyola University three years ago, earning the highest honors.

His father is Japanese and his mother is Korean.

Sho is also a learned pianist and his attachment to music stood out. at the age of 3, his little finger found a welcome place at the piano, even with complicated pieces of Chopin.at the age of 4, he was composing his own music. but he craved more for science. at the age of 8, he scored a combined 1,500 out of the possible 1,600 on the SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TESTS.

His mother did not send him to college at the age of 7, instead she sent him to college at the age of 9. Northwestern University discouraged his mother from applying him to this school, but Loyola University gave him a welcome hand and a scholarship.

In his courses with letter scores including cell biology and genetic analysis and cancer bilogy, he earned all A's. he passed all his medical school classes. he was able to skip a tough medical genetics course after ACING a preliminary exam.

His professor in radiation and cellular oncology, said "he was one among the very best in class". he is gravitating in cancer and cell research.

During the time of remembrance at the University of Chicago for those whose relatives or love ones died of cancer, dozens of families squeezed into chairs, clutching flowers and tissues in their hands, while some of the medical students read some poems and sang, Sho was given the Musical Meditation honor. he was the performer. Sho approached the piano in a black suit and a distinctive white bow tie and played an arresting Franz Schubert piece, his slender body upright as his fingers flew across the keys.there was tenderness and passion in every note, and in the audience, tears flowed.

(abstracred from a special section entirely devoted to this wonder boy SHO from the Chicago Tribune Magazine June 27,2004)
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  • At 12:47 AM, Blogger reivan said…

    realy!!! what a genius, isn't he. I'll ask my mother to give me always milk every hour to be like him.

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