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Friday, June 25, 2004
Divesify your social circle for better health.

"People with pals in many different occupations have fewer colds and less depressed, suggested a study from the Univ. of Toronto. connecting with a variety of people exposes us to new situations, strengthening our ability to cope with stress and bolstering our immune systems.so strike up a conversation with someone from you at least once a week."

Quit second guessing yourself.

"If you keep flip-flopping on decisions, you may be more vulnerable to anxiety, mood swings, and procrastiantion. when researchers at the Ohio State Univ. psychology dept. asked subjects how much they worry about the choices they make, the investigators found that self doubters are prone to emotional problems because of their lack of confidence in their own judgement, and that they're easily swayed by other people's opinions. if this sounds like you, fight the urge to ask everyone you know what to do when it comes to making a big decision, and try to listen to your inner voice instead."

Relieve heartburn with a stick of GUM.

"When heartburn catches you off guard and you don't have an antacid, try chewing a piece of gum instead-- it can provide temporary relief, says Sturat Spechler, MD, a professor of Internal medicine at Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production, causing you to swallow and clear away the stomach acid that backs up into the esophagus, Spechler explains."


Can using food during sex give me an infection?
"It's never good idea to place food inside your vagina -- sweet treats such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup and honey in particular. the reason is, even briefly putting such popular options inside can upset the vagina's delicate pH balance due to the sugar and starch content possibly leading to a Yeast Infection, says Daniel S. Stein MD, author of Passioante Sex. be sure to clean you private parts with a warm washcloth before having intercourse so nothing gets inside."

Birth Control Blunders

"If your method is Condom, this is the slip up. Condom is rolled on so tight that there's no room at the tip to act as a reservoir for the ejaculation, increasing the odds that semen will leak out."

"So slowly unfurl a new Condom down the penis, leaving a half inch space at the tip."

Breathe for more INTENSE SEX

"Moaning and groaning while you make love can trigger changes in your brain that helps you tune out distractions and tune in to pure pleasure, according to researh at the Medical School in Hannover, Germany.here's how, sighing, groaning, or breathing rapidly induces mild hyperventilation, which reduces oxygen to the brain. this creates a slightly dizzy feeling sensations. try it by responding to OOOH or MMMMM to each stroke and caress."

(abstracted from REDBOOK MAGAZINE)

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