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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Having sex in water adds a sensual splash to your encounters. And what better time to get wet and wild than this summer?

Erotic Instructions:
Have your guy sit on the inner tube with his legs over the edge. Then straddle his lap while facing him, and slowly lower yourself onto his penis with your hands on his shoulders or the tube for support. Once he's inside you, begin to rock back and forth. He can intensify the action by grasping your hips to help propel you.
Why you'll love it: This face-to-face position is seriously intimate. Since the inner tube is hollow in the middle, the splashing water created by yiur trusting hits both of your down-there domains, which only adds to the titilation factor.
AQUA EXTRA: To get into abetter G-spotting pose, change the angle of penetration by placing your legs over his shoulders and leaning back.

Erotic Instructions: When you and your guy are swimming, make your way to chest-high water and stand face to face. Hold on to his shoulders as you jump up and wrap your legs tigtly around his tighs. Have him cradle your butt with both hands to keep you propped uo as he enters you. The water will make you weightless, so you can easily glide back and forth.
Why you'll love it: This pose is discreet enough to try out in a lake or the ocean without getting caught. And there's nothing like th thrill of doing it outside. Just knowing that you're being a little bit bad amps up the excitement.
AQUA EXTRA Make sure you don't wind up bare-assed by letting your bikini bottomw ash out to sea. Push it to the side instead of taking itall the way off.

Erotic Instructions: Start with your guy sitting on the bench in the tub, with is knees bent and legs slightly spread, leanign back with his arms outstreched and resting on the edge of the tub. Straddle him, facing forward, and lower yourself onto his penis, holding on to his shoulders for support. Keep your knees bent and feet flast as you move up and down or back and forth.
Why you'll love it: The space between your torsos allows both of you rto watch the action. There's also room for pelvic play, so you can maximize clitoral stimulation by rubbing your bliss button against his pubic bone as you gyrate.
AQUA EXTRA Take adbvantage of this you-on-top pose to titilate his peasure receptive nipples. Draw gentle circles around them as you grind.

Erotic Instructions: Climb onto a well inflated raft in hsallw water and lie on your stomach with your butt and legs dangling over the edge. Your man should grab on to your thighs, as if he were pushing a wheelbarrow, and enter you. He can then pull you incredibly close for the depest possible penetration.
Why you'll love it: The Randy Raft delivers a double whammy. First, your guy can move your legs up and down to vary the angle of penetration, creating alternatiing sensations for you. Plus, since you can't see him, you aren't able to anticipate what his next move will be, which is surprisingly thrilling.
AQUA EXTRA As your man gets close to climaxing, have him lean forward so his chest is pressed against your back for an intimate skin-to-skin finale.

Erotic instructions: This position gives a whole new meaning to the pharse havin'a ball. With your back to the ocean, lie facedown at the shoreline. Place a beacj ball under your pelvis, keeping your legs slgihtly spread and your arms outstretched in front of you. Your partner lies over you in the ame position, with is legs together between yours, and enters you from behind.
Why you'll love it: With your pelvis elevated by the ball, your man has primo access to your G-spot. The combo of his thrusts and the lapping water against your skin feels down heavenly.
AQUA EXTRA Dig your toes into the sand to steady yourself. Being acnhored gives you better leverage for more passionately pelving pumping.

Source: COSMOMAGE/Love and Lust by: Colleen Rush)
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