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Saturday, May 20, 2006
DAN BROWN'S THE DA VINCI CODE opened up in theatres in the U.S. I came to watch it and there were plenty of people on line to get a ticket. I bought a ticket for myself and my wife ahead of time so that I could get inside the theatre. U.S. law, prohibit standing room, so the cinema is accepting patrons on the capacity of the theatres only.

We went to a big mall that has at least eight cinemas inside and six of the eight cinemas was showing the movie.

VENI ( I came), and saw the movie and it was really a good movie and the story and the plot are really very suspenseful and very well done. The location and the places where it was filmed was really so great that it will transform the audience. I came to see the movie, not to be a critique on the religious messages that it connotes. One has to be broad minded to come and see this movie.

VIDI (I saw) . When I saw this movie, I don't understand what is the big hoopla and controversy about this, when the movie and the book clearly stated that this is a Novel. Even Dan Brown was professing that his book is a novel and fiction. It was superbly researched and the author made the historical background of the book to a mind bogling fantasy of any reader. One has to have the intellect and be braod minded to understand the booK and the movie.Not to judege his/her religion based on what the movie and the book is all about. The church always profess about faith. The movie should enlighten more the moviegoers the beauty and the history of the Crhistian faith.The movie did not and is not destroying any belief in the Christian faith nor any religious group to that matter. My nephew is a priest of OPUS DEI, he does not pratice self flagellation. I have other relatives who are Supernumeraries of OPUS DEI, and they live a happy and well balance life of a good christian. Who will buy the book of Dan Brown if he will not add mysticism and challenges to the reader when they read the book. Who will watch the movie -- if Hollywood will not put the Hollywood touch on the movie.

VICI (I conquer)I have seen the movie, read the book and I have Conquered all the ghost in me about the book and the movie. I have finally conquered in me the fear that this movie and this book might change my conviction and thinking about my religion. It did not -- it stregthen my conviction about my faith and the history behind it, not to mention the beauty of the presentation in both novel and historical form of both the movie and the book. I have conquered the many warnings that I read in papers and magazine about what this movie will bring to the people who will watch it. I was an ex-seminarian. I have been in Catholic seminary for nearly eight years of my life and decided not to be ordained a priest. I have read and understand my religion and have given my faith into it. I believe in the teachings of my church, or else it will not survive all the turmoils that it has undergone for so many years.

What do I think is being gained with all these hoopla and all these questions and uproar about the movie and the book? It is only making DAN BROWN a multi milionaire. The more media coverage this movie and book receives, the more people will buy the book and watch the movie.

Remember the controversy of Mel Gibson's movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST! There was a lot of publicity about it that it was anti-Semitic. So what happened to the movie, it became a mega blockbuster, made Mel Gibson a millionaire and the stars of the movie. Was there a riot and demonstration against the Jew and was there burning of the synagogue after the movie has been watched and see by millions of people? None of it happened and lots of people even bought the DVD movie of THE PASSION OF CHRIST as part of their collection like me.


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