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Saturday, May 20, 2006
MORE THAN 25 MILLION readers have devoured Dan Brown's best-selling 2003 thriller, The Da Vinci Code. The page turner riveted readers with a mysterious mix of historical and religious riddles. Which is why fans can't wait for May 19, the day the Ron Howard helmed film version -- starring Tom Hnaks, Jans Reno and Audrey Tautou -- opens. But not everyone's lining up to buy tickets to the $125 million blockbuster. The Catholic Church, the French -- even albinos -- despise The Da Vinci Code. Here's who's who of Da Vinci detractors.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH -- The book claims that the Vatican has spent the past 2,000 years covering up the "fact" that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene , whos is the actual Holy Grail -- and had a child with her! The church inists that author Dan Brown -- who has always maintained that the book is a work of fiction -- implies that this is fact. The Catholic League even asked director Ron Howard even asked director Ron Howard to add a discalimer to the film, stating that the premise is, in fact, fiction. Howard may not do so.

OPUS DEI -- Members of the conservative Catholic lay organization Opus Dei are outraged at the book's portrayal of them. As group spokesman Brian Finnerty said, "The novel portrays Opus Dei in a completely inaccurate ways." In the novel, they are a powerful and ultimately evil secret society -- with members who practice self-flagellation - that resorts to murder to keep the "truth" about Mary Madalene from coming out.

ALBINOS -- Albinos -- people whose lack of pigmentation leaves their hair and skin white -- are not happy that the central vilain in the book and film is a murderous albino monk named Silas. Albino support group NOAH (The National Organziation for Albinism and Hypopigmentation) presiden Mike McGowan said, "Ron Howard can make a big difference for people with albinism if they adjust the Silas character to not be an evil albino." Worse yet, Silas is being played by Paul Bettany, 34, a very pale -- though non-albino -- actor.

THE FRENCH -- The action begins with a murder in the world-famous Louvre museum in Paris, whcih houses the Mona Lisa and receives an average of 20,000 visitors a day. The French are very protective of the Louvre and were upset that a Hollywood production was allowed to shoot inside. The filmamakers were given permission after having coffee with French President Jacques Chirac. But that didn't mean they had carte blanche. "There were all kinds of thing we could'nt do," says Howard, among them spilling fake blood on the floor and writing coded messages on the paintings. In fact, they had to use a replica of the Mona Lisa as they were forbidden to shine light on the original. Hopefully the French people will lighten up by the time the film makes its world premier at france's Cannes Film Festival May 17.

(Source: STARMAG by: Marshall Fine)
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