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Friday, May 19, 2006
Tom Handks says his new thriller's plot is "nonsense", but that's not quieting protesters, who are slamming THE DA VINCI CODE as blasphemy for suggesting the Jesus fathered a child. Here are some ways opponents are fighting the film, whic premiers this week at the Cannes Film Festival:

1. BAN Both cinemas in the Farce Islands, a Danish territory, are refusing to show the adaptation of Dan Brown's blockbuster novel on grounds of sacrilege. This isn't the firt film banned there. Monty Python's Life of Biran was nixed for its naughty nuances.

2. STARVE If their government nixes a ban,a group of Catholics in India may fast -- "unto death", said one of its leaders.

3. SUE Top Vatican official Francis Cardinal Arinze said this film's insults to the faith may merit legal action to stop its dissemination.

4. RIDICULE The Da Vinci Code Response Group says it won't stoop to condemnations or boycotts but calls the film "harmless" and "grotesque".

5. PREACH More than half of U.S. pastors polled by Leadership, a Christian magazine,said they planned sermons, classes or seminars to discuss biblical and theological issues raised in the film.

6. COUNTERPROGRAM Along with the unusual pre-movice trailers, 250 theatres in Sydney, Australia, will show a brief Anglican video challenging the film, part of an effort to get 10percent of the city's population to become churchgoers by 2012.

(Source:TIMEMAG by: Jeremy Caplan)
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