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Thursday, September 15, 2005
GETTING KICKED OUT of a convent isn't the typical way to jump start a Hollywood career, but it worked for Barbara Nicolosi, a nun turned screenwriter. In a move she calls "my 'Sound of Music' moment", in 1994 she was aked to leave the Daughters of St.Paul because she wanted to evangelize more aggressively than her feloow nuns felt comfortable with. She ended up in a film school.

Now Nicolosi's trying to bring more Christians into the Hollywood fold with Act One, an L.A. based program that grooms Christians for the industry. She co-founded the group in 1999 and has trained more than 300 writers who've found jobs on shows like "The West Wing", "E-Ring" and "Dr.Phil". This year she's taking weekend workshops across the country and reaching even more people with "Behind the Screen: Hollywood Insiders on Faith, Film and Culture", an upcoming book by Act One faculty, who include executive producers from "Joan of Arcadia", "That 70's Shpw" and the "X-Men" films. Nicolosi has also started a workshop for aspiring Hollywood execs and hopes to soon launch similar ones for actors, directors and producers, "It's wonderful to be able to realte to people on a spiritual level as well as creative one", says John Strong, who attended the executive program before landing a job at an agency for writers and cirectors. And he did'nt even have to get a kicked out of a convent.

(abstracted from Newsweek/Perscope by: Elise Soukup)
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