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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
*** BMW M5
Spec Check
Price: US$90,000
Engine: 5.0-Liter, 500 BHP, V-10
0 - 60 4.7 sec.
Top Speed: 155 MPH
--- An all new V-10 generates 25 percent more power that last year's M5 from the same engine displacement. One could hear the high-reviving mill, hwich spins, 1,250 revs faster than it's predecessor and has a broader torque curve for more grunt in every gear.
--- But the engine's only havel the story. BMW's SMG(Sequential Manual Gearbox) has 11 different gear change options, including an accelerating maximinzing "launch control". From a dead step, stomp the gas pedal and tranny engages at an optimum 4,000 rpm, then shoots through all seven gears at the ideal speed. The M5 also enables the driver to tune power (507 ponies for sport, 400 for round town) and features suspension damping, steering assist, and stability control.

Drawback: The styling does'nt fully live up to BMW's design legacy, and its engine governor will give owners a case of road rage.

Crazy German Driver: The M5's iDrive is awful. It's also too easy, of course, btu still vry agile -- and comfortable.

Spec Check
Engine: 5.7-Liter. 605 BHP V-10
0 - 60 3.3 sec
Top Speed: 205 MPH

--- Two thoughts tend to race through your mind when driving Porche's half-million-dollar balsting German industrial metal on its 100-watt digital amplifiers. You will be the coolest person alive! and whoever left those silly string skid marks must be dead!
--- There's no slowing down in a machine that transcends the holy trinity of sports-car engineering; light weight, low center of gravity, and high power.
--- Contructed of carbon fiber, the GT's chassis weighs 40 percent less than a dtraditional chassis -- only 220 pounds. Its spectacular body body is made of the same stuff, requiring patented superscticky lacquers taht don't slip off the slick material.
--- Foregoing a clutshless manual transmission, Prosche stuck with a manual six-speed to keep the ride just 3.4 inches from the asphalt, a goal enhanced by a new ceramic composite clutch whose diminuitive diameter (6.7 inches) keeps the drive train light.
--- Constructed as a load-bearing chassis component, the race inspired V-10 follows the same forumula, The high strung 472 pound mill hits its power peak at a screaming 8,000 rpm, coolnat and oil passages within the aluminum block ensure that engine failire is not an option.
--- Just as important are the GTs show stopper looks and racing detials, which include chunky aluminum pedals, knockoff hubs, and a rear spoiler that raises 6.3 inches -- perfect for admiring in the rearview.

Drawback: Ouch---- it scrapes the driveways.

Crazy German Driver: "You need to have racing lesson to truly engoy this car.

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