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Friday, August 26, 2005

Frank Ames, 43, has made the Guiness Workd Records for the longest hair at more than 3 inches.

SARANAC, N.Y.-- A 43 year old upstate New York man has made the Guinness World Records in a new entry for the longest eyebrows hair.

Frank Ames of Saranac in Clinton County measured in at 3.078 inches.

"I don't know why it grows like that; it just always has", Ames told the Press-Republican of Plasttsburgh.

Ames journey toward notoriety began almost two years ago when a co-worker at Bombardier Corp. noticed the bushy brow and suggested he try for a record.

So, he made a phone call to Guinees and was sent a bunch of forms to fill out and rules for officially getting recognized.

Ken Joy, a mcahinist and measuring expert at Bomnardier, measured the hair in Febrauary 2004 with Plattsburgh Mayor Daniel Stewart and the city's entire Common Council standing a=by as sitnesses to the event.

Now, Ames is on page 24 of the 2006 editon, in the "Body Parts" section.

(Associated Press)
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