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Friday, August 12, 2005
SAN DIEGO, California -- There is this Catholic priest who loves cockfighting and was a cockfight aficionado when he was not yet ordained as a priest.

One day, when he was on sabbatical leave from the priesthood, he decided to cross to Mexico and watch and cockfight. His adrenalin got pumped again, with all the shouting and with all the bettings being posted and screamed at by the Christos.

Then he saw this magnificent fight, this magnificent rooster, fighting like a true gladiator and facing his enemies in battle.

He said to himself, "I want to have that kind of Rooster".

So after the fight, he followed the owner of the rooster, and the owner seeing that this person who was so delighted and was so impressed with his rooster, decided to take him to his farm. The priest was shown the different types of rooster and the care and protection they do for the eggs from the fighting roosters.

The priest asked the owner of the farm if he could buy the eggs and take it back to the states. The owner, being a devout Catholic said, "For you padre, I will give you two of the eggs of this magnificent rooster." So the priest was delighted and was so pleased.

When he was at the airport, bound to the USA, he found out that there is a strict rules from the Dept. Of Agriculture, that nobody could bring into the UNited States meat and other produce, birds and other endangered species of animals, which includes eggs.

The priest went to the washroom of the airport, and luckily he was wearing a brief underwear. So he tucked the two eggs in his underwear and boarded the plane with no problem.

On his seat, by the window of the plane was a Catholic nun, who kept on smiling at him, because he was wearing his clearical suit. When the plane lights was soften, he opened the zipper of his pants, thinking that this will help the two eggs from not breaking on his tight pants.

The priest fell asleep, and the unforeseen event happened. The eggs got hatched, the two chicks came out of his pants.

The nun saw the two chicks coming out of the priest pants and woke up the sleeping priest and said, "Father, I don't know much about sex---- but I think your eggs just got hatched!!"

(sent by an ex-seminarian fron San Diego, Calif.)
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