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Saturday, August 06, 2005
70 Years ago in England, Penguin Books was born to produce inexpensive, paperbound books. IN America, Pocet Books followed suit in 1939. Before then, there were few bookstores in America, and many American's did'nt own a book other than the Bible. But the mass-market paperback, sold in drugstores and newstands, made America a nation of readers like never before.

** When introduced to America by Pocket Books, all paperbacks cost a quarter.This is because the publisher decision was based on the act that he did, when he threw a a quarter into the toll machine.

** Pocket Book No. 1 was James Hitlon's noverl Shangri-La, Lost Horizon. A market test had been done and Hilton's novel was officially Pocket Books no. 1 in an initial of 10 books.

** During World War II, U.S. soldiers received millions of free paperbacks. This distribution was known as the Armed Services Editions, these free books were distributed to GIs through the war years. Their motto was "Books Are Weapons in the War of Ideas".

(abstracted form USA)
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