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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
TIME OF DAY? It's in the morning. Testosterone is highest in the morning, then decreases gradually throughout the day. But most people have sex in the evening, according to one survey -- which may explain why some women aren't always so ready to burn it up between the sheets.

TIME OF MONTH? It's whenever you're ovulating. Studies have found that women are more likely to think about and have sex just before ovulation, which occurs about two weeks after your period starts. Researchers think it's a Mother Nature-induced nudged, since that's the time when women are most fertile.

TIME OF YEAR? Hello, summer! Researchers in Denmark found that testosterone levels were highest in women from July through September and lowest in January through March. Men's testosterone levels peak in late fall, however, which may explain why birth rates typically soar toward the end of summer.

TIME OF LIFE? It's up for debate. Biologically, for men and women, levels of testosterone peak in the late teens and twenties, but that doesn't mean that's your sexiest age. Research from the Kinsey institute shows that women in their early thirties have more orgasms than younger women, presumably because they feel more comfortable with sex and experts say that satisfaction can continue to rise through your forties. Once you're in menopause, though, dropping hormone levels can cause a decline in desire.


Lots of women say that when it comes to sex, they can take it or leave it -- a full 22 percent report lack of desire. So what's a girl gotta do to get a little help? Researchers have essentially given up on trying to find a female version of Viagra (it turns out women's sex drive is just too complicated), but a number of products claim to make sex better for women. Are they safe and do they work?

* DHEA A few small trails have shown the supplement may boost testosterone and other androgens, "but because it's not a drug, it's completely unregulated" says DeRogatis. With DHEA's safety unproven, "It's a case of buyer beware"

* ASIAN GINSENG "This herb can improve energy, so if fatigue is interfering with your sex drive, it's worth a try", says Albertson. Still, you may get the same bang from a regular workout routine.

*ARGINMAX FOR WOMEN A small company funded study found that the supplement desire, but that's a long way from proof it really works. If you try it, hold on to your receipt, there's a money back guarantee.

* AVLIMIL COMPLETE The manufacturer says the tablets enchance libido after 60 days. "Many of my patients like it," notes Dr. Turpin.

* ZESTS FEMALE AROUSAL FLUID A study of 20 women found that the oil, applied during foreplay, increased desire and pleasure in women. Sounds great but experts would still like more research.

* TESTOSTERONE GEL This prescription remedy works for and should be used only by people with low testosterone - a problem that's uncommon in young women. "if someone with normal levels uses it", says DeRogatis, "she could grow facial hair and break out, side effects of too much testosterone.

(abstracted from GLAMOURMAG)
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