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Saturday, July 30, 2005
It's estimated that 10 percent of the world's population is left-handed. Since the dom,inant area of a lef-hander's brain is the right side, W.C. Fields quipped that means southpaws are the only ones in their right minds. How well do you know your let-handed trivia?

Answer the following multiple-choice questions.....

1. In which countries are cars drive on the left side of the road?
...a). Great Briatain and the Bahamas.
...b). Great Britain, India, and Australia.
...c). Great Britain, Japan, and South Africa.
...d). all of the above.

2. In what sport is it illegal to play left-handed?
...a). Tennis.
...b). Fencing.
...c). Polo.
...d). Cricket.

3. When was the left-handed monkey wrench invented?
...a). 1896
...b). 1904
...c). 1953
...d). never

4. What famous left-handed author used mirror writing?
...a). Edgar Allan Poe
...b). Lewis Carroll
...c). Virginia Woolf
...d). Arthur Conan Doyle

5. America's first left-handed president was
...a. John Adams
...b. Abraham Lincoln
...c. Gerald Ford
...d. James Garfield

6. Which baseball player was teh first southpaw inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
...a. Mickey Mantle
...b. Babe Ruth
...c. Reggie Jackson
...d. Honus Wagner

7. Which of the following performers were left-handed?
...a. Harpo Marx
...b. Marcel Marceau
...c. Shirley Maclaine
...d. Judy Garland

8. The left hand contains 27 bones. How many does the right hand contain?
...a. 26
...b. 27
...c. 28
...d. 29

9. The first left-handed astronaut to walk on the moon was....
...a. John Glenn
...b. Buzz Aldrin
...c. Neil Armstrong
...d. Donald Slayton

10.A left-handed compliments is...
...a. high praise indeed
...b. a derogatory description
...c. one in which everyone agrees
...d. one in which the majority agree

If you answered seven or more correct, you're sinestral (left-handed) or just very smart for a right-handed.

If you are interested,you can answer the quiz in my comment box, and I will reply your comment how many of your answers are correct.

(abstracted from HEMISPHERE MAG/august issue)
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