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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
One theory of kissing prevalent among anthropologists contends that kissing originated from "premasctication". Although today we can buy soft baby food, this is not true in many cultures and especially in ancient primitive cultures. Premastication basically means "pre-chewing". A mother chews the food and then pushes the soft, pre-chewed food into her infant's mouth. This process involves mouth-to-mouth contact and is sometimes called "kiss-feeding". Many anthropologists think that is how kissing originated.

Another popular theory, and a less messy one, asserts that kissing originated from a custom symbolizing the union of souls. In many cultures, individuals put their faces together to symbolize a spiritual union. Because they believed that breath was part of a person's soul, by exchanging breaths, they were intermingling their souls. Some authorities believe that this practice eventually led to the Inuit (indian tribe) custom of rubbing noses together s a sign of affection and love, as well as to our custom of kissing.

Our culture recognizes many types of kisses. There is the kiss between parent and child, which represents love and affection. There are social kisses, which might be a quick kiss to the cheek when friends meet and occasionally when meeting someone fro the first time. The ceremonial kiss, as the kissing on both cheeks when heads of state meet, is not a social convention but a political symbol signifying the good intentions of both parties.

There is also the romantic kiss between lovers or spouses. There's no need to explain that to anyone.


In the 1941 film, You're in the Army Now, Jane Wyman and Regis Toomey kissed for three minutes and five seconds, the longest kiss in film history.

The practice of kissing virtually died out during the bubonic plague in the 1600s, because people were afraid of spreading the plague by direct contact with one another. Fortunately, once the plague ended, kissing came back into style.

It is believed that over 5 million women have kissed the armor clad statue of Italian soldier Guildarello Guidarellu in Ravenna, Italy, because they believe that so doing will guarantee a happy marriage.

In the 1926 film Don Juan, the hero kissed a variety of senoritas 191 times, or an average of one kiss every 53 seconds. Seven seconds more and he could have been a "Minute Man".

The first kiss ever recorded on film occurred in 1896, when John C. Rice kissed May Irwin in a film called, naturally "The KISS."

When someone in the military or industry uses the word kiss, they very often are using acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid."


We must enjoy kissing because it always seems to be cropping up in our language and our music. We even eat chocolate "Kisses".

There are hundred of "Kiss" phrases such as "kiss and make up", kiss and tell", and "kiss of death".

Song titles are filled with the word: "KIss to Build a Dream On", "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me", "KIsses Sweeter Than Wine", "Then He Kissed Me", "Sealed with a Kiss", and many many more. There is even a rock group called "Kiss".

We even kiss rocks! In the small village of Blarney, Ireland, on the top story of a 90-foot high castle, is the famous Blarney Stone. Legend says that if you kiss the stone you will receive the gift of eloguence. Kissing the stone is not that easy, however. In order to reach the stone to kiss it, you have to lean over backward and downward while someone holds your feet.

The legend of the Blarney Stone says that on old woman cast a spell over the stone as a reward for a king who had saved her from drowning. When h kissed the stone, the king could speak sweetly and convincingly.

Another folk legend claims that many years ago the ruler of the castle was told he had to give his Fortress to Queen Elizabeth I to prove his loyalty. He said he would be more than happy to do that. However, whenever he was about to give up the castle, it seemed that at the last minute he had some excuse to prevent doing so. His excuses become frequent but quite plausible, and became a joke in the royal court. When the eloquent excuses of the castle owner were relayed to the queen, she replied, "Odds bodkins, more Blarney talk!" Today we use the term "blarney" so mean "an ability to influence without giving offense".

(abstracted from the book :WHAT MAKES FLAMINGO PINK by Bill McClain)
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