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Thursday, July 14, 2005
To Meletis and Christakis:

I cannot get thru to your email address. It kepts on coming back to me and for some reason it won't take it. Since you are always visiting my blog, here are the translation on the proverbs that you have sent me. I have the volumes of the Mcmillan book and I don't know why you can't find it in Greece.


** "Heu quam difficile est, crimen non prodere vultu". ( How difficult it is for guilt not to show in the countenance.)

** "Conscius ipse sibi de se putat omnia dici".(The guilty think all men speak of them.)

** "Virum improbum vel mus mordeat."( Even a mouse frightens a guilty man.)

** "Se iudice, nemo nocens absolvitur."( By his own verdict, no guilty man was ever acquitted.)

** "Tam facile et pronum est superos comtemnere testes." (It is so natural and easy to despise heavenly witnesses of our guilt.)

** "Ingenia humana sunt ad suam cuique levandam culpam nimio plus." (Men's minds are too ready to excuse guilt in themselves.)

** "Fatetur facinus is qui iudicium fugit." (A man confesses guilt by avoiding trial.)

** "Legem nocens veretur, Fortunam innocens." (The guilty fear the law, the guiltless Fortune.)

** "Nocentem qui defendit sibi crimen parit." (He who defends the guilty brings an accusation against himself.)

** "Quam malus est culpam qui suam alterius facit!" (How evil is he who throws his own guilt upon another!)

** "Non ipse toto magnus Oceano pater! tantum expiari sceleris." (Not great Father Neptune himself, with the whole ocean, could wash away so much guilt.)

See also Innocence and Guilt. Mcmillan book section 3 to 13.
See also Philosphy.Macmillan book section 3 to 13.
See also RetributionMacmillan book section 1965 to 1972.

Both of you can email me at my office and send the rest for translation. Go find the book of Proverbs and Maxims by MacMillan. Please send me your correct email address. Don't send your email address using the blogspot if you need privacy!

Pax et vobis!
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