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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My homeland is now becoming so crowded. The metropolitan Manila alone is so tightly packed with humanity that has given problems to pollution and prostitution, from crime and grimes. The surge of humanity when crossing the main thoroughfare is unbelievable.The government cannot even take care of the homeless and those people with homes in the provinces, wants to be homeless in the city by becoming squatters.

There is so many condo that came up like mushrooms and then suddenly stopped the construction, because of lack of fundings, even if the projectis already 85 percent finish. One can see the metal rebars already rusting, and the walls are already catching some mildew and wild grass already growing in the nave of the building facade.


In rural America, there are so much land and nobody wants to live on it. There are buildings that has been abandoned, except for the grain silo and a lone post office that is about to close and schools that is also loosing and dwindling with students. Lots of places in rural America needed some people to live and stay, to be become alive again.

In the great plains of America, lands are being given for free as long as you stay and raise a family there. The state of Kansas, is having this type of problem. They have even put up a website for people to see and visit so that they can be allured to come to Kansas and live. (kansasfreeland.com)

Here's some of the deals that is being offered:(Let's Make a Deal!)

--- Free Lots: Up to one-quarter acre.
--- Rules: You must be in contract to begin building within six months and must move in within a year of starting construction -- and agree to stay at least two years.

--- Free Lots: One-third of an acre; local lenders will also include the land's value as part of a down payment toward a new construction loan.
--- Rules: You must build within a year.

--- Free Lots: Up to one-third of an acre.
--- Rules: You must begin construction within 120 days and agree to live in the house for at least a year.

--- Free Lots: Up to one-third of an acre; extras include free membership at the golf and gun clubs, and movie passes.
--- Rules: You need a preapproved house plan and loan and must build within a year.

Check also: prairieopportunity.com

(some materials and info abstracted from the TIME magazine issue: Land of the Free July 11,2005)
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