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Monday, July 11, 2005
** The Kitchen Dishwasher was invented by the socialite wife of an Illinois politician, not because she was fed up with the ho-hum chore of dirty dishes but because she had had it with careless servants who too frequently broke her expensive china while washing it.

** According to the film's animators, you'll see 6,469,952 black spots every time you watch 101 Dalmatians.

** All of the still photos of Forrest Gump picture him with his eyes closed.

** The movie The Graduate, the parts of Benjamin Braddock and Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) were originally offered to Robert Redford and Doris Day.

** Burt Reynolds was cast as Han Solo in Star Wars, but dropped out before filming began.

** The title role in the movie Beetlejiuce was written for Sammy Davis Jr.

** In the movie, the Pulp Fiction, the word Fuck is used 257 times.

** 22 cigarettes are smoked in the movie Casablanca.

** Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones was the college roommate (Harvard class of 1969) of Vice President Al Gore.

** Annie Hall was originally written and shot as a murder mystery, but during postproduction Woody Allen realized that the strongest footage was of the relationship between the two main characters, so the film was paired down and redirected as a romantic comedy.

** A recording of a camel's moan was slowed down and used as the sound of the tornado in the movie Twister.

** In the early 1920s, taxicab company owner John Hertz (who would later go on to start a rental car business) funded a University of Chicago study to determine which color in the spectrum was most visible from a far distance. When the answer came back "yellow", he had all of the cars in his fleet painted exactly that, beginning a tradition that would catch on nationwide, and carry over to school buses and traffic signs.

** An unbelievable rude waiter at Oscar's Tavern in New York so unintentionally amused Muppet creator Jim Henson and Sesame Street director Jon Stone that he inspired the creation of Oscar the Grouch.

** The X-File's Detective Scully was named in honor of Vin Scully, the well-loved announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. "Mulder" for the record is show creator Chris Carter's mother maiden name.

** The smell of Crayola crayons is so familiar that it one of the twenty most recognizable scents ato American adults (ranking up there with coffee and peanut butter) and so soothing that sniffing them has been proven to lower blood pressure.

** In the 1970s, in order to stop kids from sniffing airplane glue, the manufacturers added an intense oil of mustard to the formula.

(abstracted from the book: WHO KNEW by David Hoffman)
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