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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Process to beatify John Paul begins to chants: 'Sainthood immediately'.

ROME -- It began as a solemn ritual in Latin to place John Paul II on the path to sainthood, but the joyful crowd could not contain itself -- chanting "Santo Subito", or "Sainthood Immediately", and breaking into applause.

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, John Paul's vicar for Rome, presided over the ceremony Tuesday that launched the beatification "cause" at the Basicilia of St. John Lateran.

Key officials stood to recite an oath to keep their work secret and to refuse any gifts that might corrupt the process.

The faithful remained silent during the oaths, but once the casue was declared officially open, applause rang out, Polish and Vatican flags fluttered in the pews and there were chants of "Giovanni Paolo" and "Santo subito!".

Waiting period waived.

Ruini was interrupted repeatedly by applause as he read a testimony to John Paul, tracing hislife from his birth in 1920, through his years as a priest and bishop in communist Poland to his globe tortting papapcy.

"Any words that I can now add...seem superflous, so great and unviersal is the knowledge of him and so profound and uninmous the conviction of his saintliness". Ruini said, "We ask the Lord, with all our heart,that the cause of beatification and canonization that has begun this evening reaches its completion very soon".

Pope Benedict XVI has waived the five year waiting period to allow the church's saint- making process to begin immediately for the Polish born John Paul, who dies April 2.

Church officials have said the process will take its regular course, with an investigation of the pope's life and writings and possible miracles attributed to his intercession. One mirale must be verified for him to be beatified,;a second for him to be made a saint.

(abstraced from Associated Press by: Nicole Winfield)
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