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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Book boils down males by comparing them to birds.

Let's face it: The concept of comparing men to various birds species seems so obvious, one wonders why some cleaver woman did'nt come up with it earlier!

After all, think of the turkeys out there -- both personally and professionally. Who hasn't observed corporate vultures moving in for the kill? How about self centered, style setting peacocks strutting only the latest fashios? And what woman has't been kept out way toolate by an insomiac night owl or two?

Actually, this seemingly simple -- but right-on-the-money idea comes from two women, Amy Helems and Meg Leder. who bird brainstormed-up the idea of the book BOYS OF A FEATHER: A FIELD GUIE TO NORTH AMERICAN MALES(Berkley Pub Books $12.95) now in bookstores.

"This book sort of morphed out of the way girls talk about guys. We don't use their real names -- One of the most famous examples of a girl talking about a guy she dates would be the way Carrie always called him 'Mr. Big' or 'Sex and the City.'"

Helmes is quick to point out that their book is "not the least bit scientific, it is based on an awful lot of observations -- on how men present themselves to the world".

Here are some of the few choices from the book: Boys of a Feather.

Eagles: are called "the lions of the sky..powerful, respected and strong,"the kind of guy with "toned muscles that show strength, not steroid use" and best seen "in nature"(i.e. among us humans) in the form of the "effortless beautiful" Brad Pitt, Prince William, "the compassionate hottie with royal blood" and CNNs Anderson Cooper, who's not only "handsome and smart as a whip", but he's also a "Vanderbilt".

NIGHT OWLS: are easy to spot and Helmes and Leders' celebrity offerings would get few arguments: The "quickly mysterious" Johnny Depp, the limelight-avoiding Keanu Reeves and the fraternally youthful "loner" Clint Eastwood.

DOVES: are guys who have a strong social conscience - which is why Tim Robbins, Leonardo DiCarpio,Bil Gates and Ralph Nader flock together in that category.

HUMMINGBIRDS: in nature, guys in this group are best knwon for their manic energy and drive., in the world of comedy, that is best exemplified byu the brilliant Robin Williams, cycling hero Lance Armstrong is another non-stop Hummingbird-like fellow.

PARROTS: "always mimicking the latest trends",- count Ashton Kutcher (young men dating older women) musical ripoff "artist" Vanilla Ice and Sean "P.Diddy" Combs ("like his name, his style is ever morphing") in that birdhouse.

CROWS: one does't have to think twice about flushing out Crows -- they're loud and can't seem to shut up. Do Regis Philbin, Dr. Phil McGraw and political pundit Chris Matthews comes into mind?

PARAKEETS: looking for a classic good guy? Try to pick a Parakeet, who exhibit the following traits - "Sweet-natural homebodies who rarely buck the rules or raise a fuss" Guys like Ron Howard, Tom Hanks DO exude a sense of a stability, don't they?

FOWL: when it comes to Fowl, poor hygiene seems to be an issue, "Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson, or Kate Hudson's hubby, rocker Chris Robinson seem to fall into that category.

(abstracted from LIFESTYLES lifestyle@suntimes.com by: Bill Zwecker)
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