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Thursday, July 14, 2005
MONACO -- Prince Albert II acceded to the throne Tuesday of a 700 year old dynasty, coming into his own as a modern ruler who wants to clean up Monaco's image as a refuge for shady characters and has unblushingly acknowledged fathering a child out of a wedlock.

After a lifetime in the shadow of his father Prince Rainier III, who died in April, Albert emerged as an assured leader in his first speech, hours after a solemn mass to mark his ascension. He outlined plans to promote banking in the tiny principality of 30,000 people, and stressed that money laundering would not be tolerated.

"Money and virtue must be combined permanently", Albert told his subjects, thronged before him outside the royal palace, some sipping champagne.

Albert was proclaimed ruler of Monaco at a mass in the cathedral where his father and mother, Hollywood's Grace Kelly, are buried.

Cries of long Live Prince Albert" greeted the new ruler as he descended the cathedral's stair's after the service, flanked by his sisters, princesses Caroline and Stephanie. The he slipped on sunglasses and headed off for more festivities.

Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, Marquis of Baux, is a sporty 47-year old bobsled anthusiast who is concerned about the environment.

Second Ceremony on November.
Last week he confirmed reports he fathered a child with an African born Air France flight attendant.

In another surprise, the night before taking the throne Albert told France's TFI television there may be others with paternity claims, though he didn't offer details.

Albert's ascession to the throne is a two step event, with another ceremony set for Nov. 19.

(Associated Press by: Angela Doland)
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