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Thursday, September 15, 2005
ADMINISTRATORS at Beijing's top universities are enforcing new rules to curb prmiscuity in dorms. Beijing University no longer distributes free condoms. Last month Britain's Daily Telegraph reported that Chongqing Normal University issued reules advising that "the discovery of escort girls, mistresses, gigolos or anyone caught having a one night love affair" will mean explusion. But the efforts are backfiring; couples are having public sex and students tumble on "land mines", Yu Tongtong, 23, of Tsinghua University, says, "Stepping on aland mine is when you accidentally discover two people having sex outdoors".

Taking lovemaking from between the sheets to the streets is exacerbating the already serious problem of unprotected sex in China. A 2003 survey by Durex Condoms found that Chinese are the world's most likely to agree to unpreotected sex with a new partner; 30 percent of Chinese who get HIV do so through unsafe sex, according to UNAIDS. Zhang Ji, 21, of Beijing Normal University, says the popular hookup spot is Aiqing Caoping ("Love Lawn"), 10 minutes from the nearest dorm. "It is not romantic to walk 20 minutes round trip to retrieve a condom."

(abstracted from Newsweek/Periscope by: Quindlen Krovatin)
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