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Monday, April 25, 2005
Pope Benedict XVI had his investiture this Sunday 24April infront of St. Peters Basicilica, attended by many people and dignitaries, including the converted to Catholic brother of Pres. Bush, Gov. Geb Bush of Florida.

Papal Ceremony during the Investiture.

Before the Mass inside St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Benedict blessed the Pallium at the Altar of the Confession, then descended there to pray to the tomb of St. Peter.

About the Pallium:
** This is a two-inch-wide, white wool stole embroidered with six black silk crosses.

** Fastened with three jeweled gold pins across his chest, at the back and left shoulder- symbolizing Christ's wounds.

** Two pendants, one in front and one in back, symbolize active and contemplative life.

Investiture Garments:

** Miter: The liturgical headdress worn only by the pope, cardinals and bishops.

** Pastoral staff: Symbol of jurisdiction and power, made of silver.

** Pectoral Cross: Dates to Middle Ages; attached to a chain or silken cord; made of a precious metal and decorated with gems.

** Chasuble: Major outer mass garment, requires blessing before use; a symbol of charity.

** Fisherman's ring: Large gold signet ring with relief of St. Peter casting a net from a boat.

Among the Mass/Investiture Events:
A). Pope receives the wool Pallium, a symbol of his pastoral authority and communion with the church.

B). In order of seniority, the cardinals pledge their loyalty and recieve the ceremonial "kiss of Peace" from the Pope.

C). Cardinals recite the Lord's Prayer.

D). From the foot of the steps of St. Peters, the choir chants "Tu es Petrus" (Thou aret Peter), a reference to the first head of the church.

E). Pope Benedict delivers his homily.

F). Ceremony ends with the Pope giving the apostolic blessing to Rome and the world from Peter's Square.

Source: Catholic Bishops conference of USA
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