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Monday, April 25, 2005
*** Abu Sayyaf Group:
A small, brutally violent Muslim separatists group operating in the southern Philippines. It claims responsibility for the bombing of a Manila ferry last year which killed more than 100 people. In 2001, its members are believed to have kidnapped a group of terrorists and Filipinos from the western island of Palawan, including three Americans. An American missionary couple was held for a year before the husband was killed in a rescue attempt. A third American was beheaded. A leader of the kidnappers and the man accused of beheading the American were killed in a failed March jailbreak in metro Manila in which 22 mostly Abu Sayyaf prisoners were killed. On St. Valentine's Day, Abu Sayyaf claims to have set off cell phone triggered bombs in the three cities, killing seven people and injuring more than 100 Philippine officials believe the Abu Sayyaf and the Jemaah Islamiya are jointly training and fund raising.

Estimated strength, 200 to 500.

*** Alex Boncayao Brigade:

A breakaway urban hit squad of the Communist party responsible for more than 100 murders, including the murder in 1989 of U.S. Army Col. James Rowe in Manila, according to U.S. officials.

Approximate strength about 500.

*** Jemaah Islamiya

A southeast Asian based terrorist network with links to al-Qaida. Philippine government believes it may be training on Mindanao. Its stated goal is a state comprising Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Southern Philippines and Southern Thailand. Judged by U.S. governamnet responsible for the August 2003 Bali bombings killimg more than 200 and the October 2002 attack on the Philippine ambassador to Indonesia.

Membership estiamtes vary from the hundreds to thousands.

*** New People's Army:

A Maoist group formed in 1969 whose aim is overthrowing the government through protracted guerilla warfare, according to the U.S. state department. It primarily targets government officials. It killed several U.S. personnel before military bases closures in 1992, according to the U.S. Stae department. Its leadership has since said it is willing to kill U.S. personnel again. Its strength is in the rural areas.

Estimated to be more thatn 10,000 strong.

(Sources: U.S. Department of State, U.S. Army and Central Intelligence Agency)
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