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Friday, February 18, 2005
Here are some Factual Errors in
The Da Vinci Code:

1... Jesus life was decidedly not
"recorded by thousands of followers
across the land." He did'nt even have
thousands of followers, let along literate
one(see Da Vinci book page 231.)

2... It's not true that eighty Gospels
"were considered for the New Testament"
(see Da Vinci book p.231) This makes it
sound like there was a contest, entered by mail...

3... It's absolutely not ture that Jesus was not
considered divine until the Council of Nicea,
that before that he was considered merely as
"a mortal prophet" (Da Vinci book, p.233).
The vast majority of Christians by the early
fourth century acknoweldged him as divine.
(Some thought he was so divine he was'nt even a human).

4... Constantine did not commission a "new bible"
that omitted references to Jesus' human traits
(Da Vinci book, p.234). For one thing, he didn't
commission a new Bible at all. For another thing,
the books that did get included are chock-full of
referneces to his human traits (he gets hungry,
tired, angry, he gets upset; be bleeds, he dies...)

5... The Dead Sea Scrolls were not "found in the 1950's"
(see Da Vinci book p.234) It was 1947. And the Nag Hammadi
documents do not tell the Grail story at all, nor do
they emphasize Jesus' human traits. Quite the contrary.

6... "Jewish decorum" in no way forbade " a Jewish man
to be unmarried"( see Da Vinci book p. 245). In fact,
most of the community behind the Dead Sea Scrolls were
male unmarried celibates.

7... The Dead Sea Scrolls were not among "the earliest
Christian records" (see Da Vinci Book p. 235).
These are Jewish, with nothing Christian in them.

8... We have no idea about the lineage of Mary Magdalene;
nothing connects her with the "house of Benjamin". And even
if she were, this would'nt make her descendent of David.
see Da Vinci book p. 248).

9... Mary Mardalene was pregnant at the crucifixion?
That's a good one. (see Da Vinci book p.255).

10.. The Q document is not a surviving source being
hid by the Vatican, nor is it a book allegedly writtten
by Jesus himself. It's a hypothetical document that
scholars have posited as having been available to
Matthew and Luke, principally a collection of the
sayings of Jesus. Roman Catholic scholars think the
same of it as non-Catholics; there's nothing
secretive about it( see Da Vinci book p. 256)

(abstracted from the book:
Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code
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