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Thursday, February 17, 2005
$60.3 Billion
The overall U.S. trade deficit
in November, an all time high.

1.5 million
Number of jobs lost from 1989
to 2003 that are attributed to
increased trade with China.

Increase in the monthly risk
to doctor trainees of getting
in a car wreck on the way home
after a 24-hour plus shift.

Increase in medical errors made
by interns during such marathon
shifts, a hallmark of medical
training in the U.S.

$170 million
Amount the FBI has spent computerizing
its case-file database, which proved
so inadequate in a three-month test run
that the agency may scrap the whole

$2 million
Amount the FBI is paying a separae
computer firm to determine whether
any of the software is salvageable.

20 percent
Percentage of people who say they
think most creatively in their cars.

5 percent
Percentage of people who say they
think most creatively in the shower.

$427 billion
U.S. budget deficit predicted for 2005,
the highest ever and equal to 3.5%
of the gross domestic product.

$80 billion
Supplemental military budget requested
by Pres. Bush for 2005, which would bring
total U.S. spending on the war in Iraq
to more than $200 billion by year's end.

$250 million
Estimated amount the Bush administration
spent on contracts with major public
relations agencies from 2001 through 2004.

$128 million
Amount the Clinton Administration spent
on contracts with major public ralations
agencies during the previous four years.

Market price, before the tsunami to rent
a house with indoor plumbing in Banda Aceh,
Indonesia, for one month.

Current market price, due to increased
demand from aid workers and journalists.

Amount the military issues to survivors
of troops killed on duty.

Amount the Pentagon has proposed for
this "death benefit".

Amount the Federal Government issues
to survivors of police officers
killed on duty.

2,200 percent
Increase in U.S. bankcruptcies caused
by illness or medical debt from 1981 to 2001.

74 percent
Proportion who say people should not be
allowed to burn or deface an American
flag as a political statement.

The last year, prior to last week's
municipal elections in Riyadh, that
Saudi Arabia held a public election.

Number of candidates who ran for Riyadh's
seven open city-council seats.

(abstracted from NUMBERS/TIMEMAG)
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