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Monday, February 14, 2005
FORGET THE conservative white
strands favored by debutantes in the 60's. Today's
pearls come in all shapes and sizes and a spectrum
of colors. Mikimoto originator of the modern
cultured-pearl process used for more than a century,
is showcasing pearls in bold new designs, with colors
ranging from golden greenish black. New technology has
cut the time needed to grow a pearl under 3 1/2 years
(vs. many times that long naturally) and allowed
cultivators to produce the vivid hues. To ensure
each pearl's perfection in the cloning-like process,
"we (create) not only the pearl, but the oyster as well,"
says Robert Artlett, a senior VP of Mikimoto America,
a subsidiary of the Japanese company. Still the best
way to tell genuine cultured pearls from the faux variety?
Gently run them across your teeth. They should feel gritty.

(abstracted from USATODAYMAG)
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