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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Engage yourself in these questions
about commitment customs and
celebrations around the world.

1. Of Alabama, West Virginia, California
and New York.

which state probibits marriage between first cousins?

2. In Berber Culture,which internal
organ is considered to be the embodiment of love?

3. What Color is a traditional Chinese
wedding dress? Why?

4. Name the traditional circle dance
often performed at Jewish Weddings.

5. Suttee refers to what Hindu practice
illegal in India?

6. What two countries were the first
to legalize same sex marriage?

7. In traditional Hopi culture, how does
a woman propose to a potential husband?

8. What vows do a bride and groom make
during a Thai Buddhist wedding?

9. Name the GreekGoddess of women and
marriage whose temple is in Italy.

10.Which U.S. state was last to remove
language banning interracial marriage from its laws?

11.Why is a Masai bride warned
not to look back when she leaves for her new
husband's home?

12. What does the symbolic marraige
of young girls to the Hindu god Vishnu prevent,
according to the Newar people of Nepal?

13. How many weddings take place
in Las Vegas, Nevada each year?

14. Name three ancient culturesin which
royal marriages between brothers and sisters were common

15. At what pointis marriage
finalized for members of Africa's Ndzundza Ndebele tribe?

16. Whose presence at a Catholic wedding
was required by the Council of Tent in 1563?

17. What do brides in Greece write on the
soles of their wedding shoes?

18. Who conducts a Quaker
wedding ceremony?

(Abstracted from GEOGRAPHICA by: Siobhan Roth and Jackie Pysarchuk)

1. West Virginia
2. Liver
3. Red, it represents good luck and happiness
4. The Hora
5. A widow's immolation on her husband funeral pyre
6. The Netherlands in 2001 and Belgium in 2003
7. She bakes bread, if he accepts it, they are engaged
8. None
9. Hera
10.Alabama in 2000
11.She is told she will turn into stone
12.Stigma or widowhood or divorce
13.More than 100,000
14.Inca, Egyptian and Hawaiian societies
15.With a birth of a child
16.Priest and Witnesses
17.Names of unamarried friends,
those that rub off wil be the nest to marry
18.The bride and groom

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